Fresh and juicy – the making of in a video

By Claudia | September 23, 2016
Welcome! Welcome, welcome to … sARTurday. Yes, it is back. I am back. And we are here to celebrate this wonderful thing called ART. Please join me, not only in my...
moon, photoshop, fantasy, deer

Don’t you sometimes wish for a Magic Moon?

By Claudia | September 18, 2016
Hi Guys, how’s it going? How is your summer or should I rather say how has your summer been now that it is almost over? I can hardly believe that...
yellow butterfly

Blooms, a butterfly and Arnie – iPhone style

By Claudia | July 30, 2016
The other day, in an effort to get out and moving more, I spent my lunch break in the arboretum. During the hot weather I had a nice walk shaded...
manga, running, drawing

My first manga drawing off a real life photo

By Claudia | July 24, 2016
The past few days, nights, whenever I had time and felt like it I have been practicing drawing different poses and the different folds these poses create in clothes. Once again...
photo, art, photoshop

Metamorphosis of a rose photo | sARTurday

By Claudia | July 22, 2016
I have been taking quite a few iPhone pictures lately and this post is no exception. This is the original photo I took a couple of weeks ago. Some time...

Abstract in nature / Instagram @ImagesByCW

By Claudia | July 20, 2016
Abstract in nature. #blackandwhite #abstractart #imagesbycw via Instagram http://ift.tt/2aazdhz ©ImagesByCW
macro, drops, b&w

The (not so) perfect macro shot

By Claudia | July 15, 2016
My friend Annie of McGuffysReader is co-hosting the Friday “Friendly Fill-Ins”! You can find the fill-ins on Annie’s site or at 15andmeowing.com each Thursday and then link up each Friday. This is my...
redhead, manga

Manga Redhead

By Claudia | July 14, 2016
Manga Redhead Tonight I felt like drawing. Without actual paint, but with my iPad. All done in Procreat app. #manga #drawing #imagebycw #anime #speeddrawing #redhead#greeneyes #procreate @procreateapp via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BH3ZSA8AlpC/?taken-by=imagesbycw ©ImagesByCW...
raindrops beauty

Beautiful raindrops – iPhoneOnly

By Claudia | July 12, 2016
Such beauty after the rain. A macro, cropped, taken and edited with my iPhone (only). #flower #raindrops #imagesbycw @enlightapp @procamera_app via Instagram http://ift.tt/29Om8cj ©ImagesByCW
Watercolor WIP

Watercolor WIP @ImagesByCW

By Claudia | July 11, 2016
Work in progress. Not quite sure where this is coming from or where it will end, bit tonight it felt right to pick up watercolors and let them flow. #watercolor...

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