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Blooms, a butterfly and Arnie – iPhone style

The other day, in an effort to get out and moving more, I spent my lunch break in the arboretum. During the hot weather I had a nice walk shaded under the big trees. On my way back to the care I passed some flower beds with these big pick echinacea blooms and the big butterfly doing his business. It was quite windy, as you may see on the video that I took. All stills and video were taken with and edited on my iPhone.

It was a wonderful way to spend the lunch break.
yellow butterfly
echinacea + butterfly

The past week was pretty much a blur of work,drawing, sketch month end, travel to Toronto, delayed flights, traffic jams and rushed dinners. In between I found time for a quick sketch of… Arnie. Hahaha – I know, right?! What the … Well, we were watching an anime and a new character appeared, all beefed up and he reminded us of Arnie.

I sketch a lot after watching something adn just before going to bed, so with Arnie still fresh on my mind I googled an image of him in a body builder pose – et voila!

Happy weekend and cheers,


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My first manga drawing off a real life photo

The past few days, nights, whenever I had time and felt like it I have been practicing drawing different poses and the different folds these poses create in clothes. Once again I did this on my iPad in Procreate app. For the most part I only penciled the poses and I worked off a drawing book about manga. Basically I was re-drawing somebody else’s drawing, which is surprisingly more difficult than you may think.runningStockphoto

I was quite happy with the results so this morning I decided to work off a photo, not an actual drawing, one step harder. I googled an image of a ‘running teenager’ and found this one here (which is available as a stock photo on Dreamstime) and used it as my model for the below drawing.

While I am really happy with how the drawing turned out, it is not a true manga. The proportions are very real, not over-emphasized and the shading is too defined, which is seen in western comics. Yes, but usually not in manga. Still I like it, so I’m sharing it with you.

Everything up until the shading was done on my iPad in Procreate. However the shading was added in Photoshop, which is so much easier since you can work with clipping masks and layers. You may watch the video of my work until that point below, I did not capture the shading in Photoshop. I always find it fascinating to watch how a simple, actually a very simple sketch turns into an image.

Enjoy the rest of this hot Sunday. Here in New Jersey we have got a heat wave (94 °F/35 °C, real feel 98 °F/37 °C) and it is going to stay for a bit , tomorrow even hotter with 98 °F/37 °C, real feel 108 °F/42 °C, then a thunderstorm at night and back to today’s temps the next few days. What can I say – it is SUMMER!

Stay cool and cheers,


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Metamorphosis of a rose photo | sARTurday

I have been taking quite a few iPhone pictures lately and this post is no exception. This is the original photo I took a couple of weeks ago. Some time later I started playing around with it in  several apps on my iPhone ==> a metamorphosis began.


IMG_4941 IMG_4940 IMG_4945
IMG_4944 IMG_4943
IMG_0056 IMG_0055

For me – the below is the finished piece, but I know for some it will be the original one. Or maybe even some from the middle. And it is all good.


Actually, at first I created this Adobe Spark page, which opens up in a new tab/window. But somehow I don’t like it too much, so I rather uploaded all pictures here on my blog.


Happy Weekend!



The (not so) perfect macro shot

FriendlyFillInsMy friend Annie of McGuffysReader is co-hosting the Friday “Friendly Fill-Ins”! You can find the fill-ins on Annie’s site or at each Thursday and then link up each Friday. This is my first time participating in this fun idea, so here we go:

1. I prefer warm weather (also hot like now) to rain, ice and slush of winter (though a nice rain can be awesome).

2. Playing Pokemon Go was much harder than I expected. (Hahaha – not really, but I just had to snuck that one in there. Yes, I downloaded it, played it and now I am thinking of deleting it.)

3. One way that I relax is taking a walk in nature, preferably with a camera in hand – see photo below.

4. A roadtrip with David always makes me the happiest person in the world.

As I mentioned in my Instagram post, I took the day off today, to refocus, gain clarity, relax – you name it. What better way than to spend some time walking around the arboretum (see p. 3.). Even grabbed my macro iphone lens and gave it a little workout. This is not the perfect macro shot, but – for me – it is getting pretty close.

 Though I am a perfectionist, I sometimes am not. Does that make sense?

macro, drops, b&w

#blackandwhite #iphoneography #imagesbycw via Instagram ©ImagesByCW

Happy Weekend!



A new temporary logo for Sunday Sketches challenge

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Manga comic video for Creative Tuesday

Creative Tuesday is upon us and this week’s theme is ‘fish’. Which is perfect for me, because I have been working on something fishy for a while now. And over this long weekend I finished it: A little manga comic. I already showed you a couple of the pages in previous posts, but here are… Click here for the full article

I hope you are enjoying the long awaited summer

Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today: Summer “The goal of life: simple, but not empty.” ~ Terri Guillemets ~   Did you see? I got a new quote. While browsing through quotes to find something that feels right for me this morning I stumbled across several quotes by Terri Guillemets, a U.S. Quotation Anthologist.… Click here for the full article

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