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Fresh and juicy – the making of in a video

Fresh and juicy - the making of in a video

Welcome! Welcome, welcome to … sARTurday.

Yes, it is back. I am back. And we are here to celebrate this wonderful thing called ART. Please join me, not only in my love for making art, but for exploring new work, immersing in new pieces and making new connections and friends along the way.

It enriches our lives and the lives of those around us.

I hope you will be joining me and be sharing a piece of YOU – right here with me. Today I am sharing with you one of my latest digital art pieces that, like so many, have their origin in one or (many) more of my photos. I have added to it texture layers, adjustment layers and lots of masks. But – why don’t I show you? Here is a video of how I derived to the finished work below.




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

Magic Fresh & Juicy

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  • Debbi Decker

    Nice piece! I can see this in a restaurant or kitchen setting.

  • Cathy Kennedy

    Claudia, nice job! I enjoyed watching your photo art process. I will try to do more of this when I find I have more time to devote to learning. It sure is cool how you manipulate your images creating something entirely different while keeping the resemblance of the original. 🙂 Have a very good s-art-urday!

  • Rorybore

    Love watching how you did this!! I did not know how to add the colour mask to different portions of the photo. Not sure my photoshop is updated enough to do it exactly like you did, but at least I have an idea now. Very cool to see how it all comes together. I was just getting back into the flow today, so just choose simple edits to get the feel of all my different programs again. As always, I feel this will be a long work in progress for me: getting the vision I have in my head, to come alive in the edit.

  • NatureFootstep

    see you started the meme again. Hope it will work for you.

    I like the image you created. But for the header image, isn´t it a bit “of” 🙂

  • Jutta K.

    Eine wirklich gelungene Arbeit !
    Alles stimmig bis ins Detail, es gefällt mir sehr.
    Ich bin wieder mit dabei, habe deine Challenge schon vermisst 😉
    ♥liche Grüße

  • Lisa Isabella Russo

    Oh it’s beautiful! I love the softness and how the piece seems to glow.

  • bocafrau

    Great video. Loved watching your process. One of the things I’d like to really learn one day is how to use photoshop properly.

  • Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    Awww another super lovely work! #mysundayphoto

  • Maria Parenti-Baldey

    Very interesting and very technical for me. I have a lot to learn.
    Love the art piece.

  • Andrea @ From The Sol

    So what happened? … I came to link in and you haven’t been back since 9/23. I was excited that you had returned, but now I am not sure if you have. That said, my post is ready and waiting whenever you are 🙂 Welcome back, I hope. Hope you had a wonderful summer …

    Andrea @ From the Sol

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