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Inktober 2018 – (a short) week #2

Inktober 2018 - (a short) week #2

Hello, and happy weekend!

Hi Guys,

Believe it or not, as much (or little) as I have inked over the years, there are two things I’ve never tried.

I have never used black ink to create a diluted, watercolor effect. Let’s call it a water non-color.

I’ve also never created a pure black background. Well “black” is relative, and according to David it’s still not completely black, but – trust me – I used the blackest of black inks. Carbon ink. LOL. But I know what he means, I’ve seen some inktober artwork that looks even blacker than the backgrounds here – I guess it is in the photo editing. And I could make the photos in the post seem blacker than black, but I like showing the subtle shades and brush strokes, so I’m going to leave them like this.

The steampunk grim reaper has a combination of both of these effect, while the star mask scaredy cat is a bit more subtle. I really like the way both of them turn out.


p.s. and remember you may click on any of the photos to see them larger! It might be worth it.

Inktober 2018 – Day #7 – Exhausted / Steampunk/ Grin Reaper

[vc_gallery el_id=”gallery-197196″ medias=”60315,60316,60317″ style_preset=”metro” gutter_size=”3″ screen_lg=”1000″ screen_md=”600″ screen_sm=”480″ single_overlay_opacity=”50″ single_padding=”2″ single_title_transform=”capitalize” title=”Inktober 2018 – Day #1″]

Inktober 2018 – Day #8 – Star / Mask / Scaredy Cat

[vc_gallery el_id=”gallery-197196″ medias=”60318,60319,60320″ gutter_size=”3″ screen_lg=”1000″ screen_md=”600″ screen_sm=”480″ single_overlay_opacity=”50″ single_padding=”2″]



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  • Debbi Decker

    These are awesome. Is it me or does the moon on the mask have a tiny skull? I know what you mean about black. There are variations. In some cases, you won’t notice until you put another black item beside it. Thanks for sharing your work!!

  • susi_snaps

    Awesome stuff. I love the mask!

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