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Jenny MatlockHere we go ~ round 5 of Alphabe- Thursday hosted by Jenny Matlock. If you have a moment please visit her website and check out her ‘terrific tangents’.

This week’s letter is ‘M

– From Mannheim to Morristown NJ –

And no, it is not a typo, I really mean ‘Mannheim’ with two ‘n’. Because I am talking about a move from Germany to the United States of America. From Mannheim to Morristown NJ. This is what I did together with my husband almost exactly one year ago. Family and friends – please forgive me, because this is all old news for you, but this is going to be the short version. You can find a slightly longer version here.

watertower, mannheimIt all began in June 2003, it was the first time I set foot into Mannheim. Coincidentally it was also the first time I met my husband-to-be. In Mannheim. Two and a half years later, after a lot of weekend traveling between Switzerland, my then resident country of choice, and Germany, I actually moved to Mannheim.

The next five years I had time to explore the city and surrounding areas. It is actually an old city with a lot of history. Which I will not bore you with, you can look it up on wikipedia or here. Suffice to say that it is a lively town due to the heaps of young people studying in the old Mannheimer Schloss. How would you like to study in a castle? We had an apartment right in the city center with only two minutes Mannheim Watertower at sunsetwalking distance to green parks, historic buildings, museums, cafes and bars and (window) shopping. It was a great place with a gorgeous view: Right over the rooftops of Mannheim!

Speyer, Dom,But at the end of 2010 it was time for us to make the next move. This time to Morristown NJ (Morristown on wiki), or so we thought. I had not really known a lot about New Jersey and whenever one of my friends asked me where we were moving to, I said, ‘google Morristown NJ that is where you will find us from 2011 on’.

Morristown The GreenAfter a three months sabbatical on Bonaire we got to the US and moved into a temporary apartment… right in the middle of, exactly, Morristown NJ.  On a much smaller scale it was the same ‘in-the-city-life’ we knew from Mannheim. Again, just a two minute walk to The Morristown Green and to window shopping, which was great for me while David was at work. What both of us loved are that there are quite a few cafes/bars/restaurant with outside eating available. A very welcome alternative to all the air-conditioned establishments, which are definitely necessary, Morristown The Greenhowever it is a nice change to spend a warm summer evening eating outside.

So, naturally when we were looking for a permanent house we were also looking in Morristown NJ. We liked it there. However the place we fell in love with and bought we found in Whippany. But that is another story. For another day. First here are some more impressions of Mannheim, the area around Mannheim and Morristown NJ.


Mannheim Watertower at nightMannheim, watertower, winter


Mannheim, watertower, nightneuleiningensand stone, palatinate, germany



















Morristown The Green churchMorristown The GreenMorristown post office

24 thoughts on “Mannheim to Morristown NJ ~ Alphabe- Thursday”

    • I am sure you would like Mannheim and it’s surrounding area, Penny. It is really interesting, because I did not know that NJ has got a bad reputation among Americans. But I can assure you that there are a lot (!) of lovely places (and people) around here.

  1. I can see why the area appealed to you for a potential home purchase. There are certainly fun adventures surrounding the area, and the town seems so walkable. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Nicole, you are very welcome! ‘Funny’ you mention ‘walkable’ – did you read my post about the Walking Tour in Morristown? Should you ever visit, you definitely have to walk around town. And for that matter, actually in any town you visit, you see so much more when walking.

    • You have seen the world, Debbi! Are you following me or am I following you – LOL? Hope they are good memories only…

  2. Thanks for sharing your marvelous photos with us! That’s interesting you moved from one “M’ city to another. lol I think it’s rather fascinating our many cities share the same name. In fact, we have a Morristown here in Tennessee just half an hour from us in Knoxville. ^.^

    • So true, Cathy, Morristown, TN. It must be a lot bigger than our Morristown here, because whenever I google or search something with Morristown, sure enough TN comes up.

    • Oh, sh… – that would have been so fun to meet you! Where to in NC? We will probably go for a vacation to the Outer Banks later this year.

    • Wow – you probably know the area better than I do. And you are right, there is a lot to see in Morristown, but not so much in Whippany ;). But it is a good place to live in.

  3. I’ve never been to Germany but I’d like to go someday. My nephew says the castles are incredible there.

    I have, however, been to New Jersey and always like the sense of history in the area.

    Some of the areas of the State are just so lovely and rural.

    Thanks for a pretty stop for this weeks Alphabe-Thursday.


    • The castles in Germany, or in all of Europe for that matter, are beautiful. Ever heard of ‘castle-hopping’ – LOL? It is nice to hear that I am not alone with my view about NJ having quite a few very nice areas, too.

    • You did, Catherine? Interesting, Livingston looks nice. Yep, New Jersey does deserve to be named ‘The Garden State’.


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