Zoom blur & coffee chat

This week Les is getting up close and personal. She made a list (did I mention, I hate lists?) with ten questions to answer, if we decide to play along. I do like to play along, but I wished the answers were easier. My problem is that I usually do not have only one favorite. Well, anyways, here we go:

1. My nickname: That really is easy, because – I have none.

2. My eye color: You decide – have a look for yourself
3. My hair color: Mostly whatever I feel like. But have a look for yourself. A picture from a recent salon visit. The color is not that far from my original one, however today my natural color would now be mostly gray. Which started when I was only 20, way too young for my taste to be gray and white.
brunette hair

4. One fact about me: I have moved house only 10 times, but lived on 3 continents doing so. And I love doing my iPhone art in the bath tub 🙂

5. Favorite color: Black (I know not really a color, but – for the sake of this quiz, it is). With a pop of a) purple b) turquoise c) something else

6. Favorite place: Within touching distance of the ocean

7. Favorite celebrity: Nope, sorry, don’t have one single one. Although, I seem to have a fable for steely blue eyes, blond hair and a tall, but not overly ‘beefy’ body – ring a bell? No?! o.k. hints – old school = Paul Newman, new (and dead) – Paul Walker, now see a pattern? Of course, there are exceptions, think e.g. Johnny Depp – LOL – see what I mean with ‘no single one’…

8. Favorite animal: Cats – small and tame and big and wild, dogs – mostly big, horses – any and all, donkeys – they’re so cute, so are squirrels and many, many more

9. Favorite song: Sheesh – seriously? One song? Never going to happen. It always depends on the mood and time. Right now, I could listen to ‘Summer in the City’ a lot. Also, I just discovered Emancipator and love ‘Lionheart’ – great chill out music.

10. Favorite book: I knew this question would come. I just have not been reading a whole lot (lately). And what I have read is fiction of the ‘beach vacation kind’. I bought a poetry book, but it is too heavy for me. And a book about writing haiku, so you better watch out for words coming your way sooner or later  🙂

But until then, here one of my latest experiments – a zoom blur, done in camera not Photoshop.

Pssst – click on the pictures to see them bigger…

zoom, blur, leaf, leaves


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15 thoughts on “Zoom blur & coffee chat”

  1. Oh, I’m going to play along too today. I have the day off since someone has to be home for the new washer/dryer delivery… I like these types of posts, you always learn something new about the person playing along. Like you, my hair would probably be mostly grey. I started going grey when I was 22… so annoying but luckily, I love coloring my hair, so no big deal, right? Love the blur picture and can’t believe you did this in camera. I mean, I know you can do anything when it comes to photography but I didn’t realize that cameras have that ability!

    • Yay – new washer/dryer, nice. I wish we would have gotten a dryer, too, and not only a washing machine a few months, a year?, back. Yes, these posts are fun. At times they may feel repetitive, but then again there are always new people stumbling over your site just like I am stumbling over new ones and then it is fun, fun, fun.
      Really?! I would have never guessed that your hair went grey so early. Usually blonds or reddish blonds don’t grey that early.
      Well, it was the camera with the help of the zoom lens. I am sure you read about it somewhere. So had I. I just never tried it until now. Take a shutterspeed somewhat on the slow side and while you press the shutter you zoom. Et voila!

  2. Falling fast and deep into the canyon. That’s what that picture makes me think of. Free fall. I used to color my hair all the time, mostly reds with deep cherry tones. Started in my 20s like you, but with the henna rinses. I did all of my own coloring but when I moved into my home in 2003 I quit cause I did not want to ruin my bathroom with color drips. LOL!

    • Hehehe – yep, I guess that is one way of looking at it. Coloring hair can be such fun, but when it becomes a chore – not so much anymore. I still do it though. Not sure how long. Maybe till I’m 60? 🙂 Until a few years ago I always used to color at home, but with store bought colors. They were o.k. to get off tiles etc. henna, I’d be cautious, too.

  3. I love summer in the city.
    I would think your eyes are green? Light green? Light hazel? Teal? Jade? Earth? I don’t know? They’re gorgeous.
    My hair started going gray in my 20’s but slowly at first. I think the two kids have ramped it up lately. I haven’t dyed it yet but I will when the time comes. Oh yes.

    • It is a great summer song, isn’t it? I just learned the expression ‘3 H day’, which we had a few of lately (hazy, hot and humid) and this song fit perfectly in.
      That’s the thing about my eyes, they seem to be changing color with the light and with what I am wearing. I think it is safe to say though that they base color is mostly grey(ish) 🙂
      No way! You don’t have grey hair, do you? I don’t believe it. That I got to see.

  4. Color of your eyes: beautiful. 🙂

    I have been very lucky in that I have yet to see (or get) a gray hair. *knock on wood* I’m hoping I take after my Swedish grandfather and end up with snow white hair vs. gray – we’ll see. I have some time yet before that happens. Though with two rambunctious kids growing too fast, it could happen sooner rather than later. 😉

    LOVE being where the sea is – one of the reasons I’m so happy we moved back to my home state where you can go to the mountains or go to the ocean in an easy day trip for when the mood strikes you for forest or sea. 🙂

    That zoom focus shot? Awesome! And now I’m going to go try it with my camera… 😉

    • Well, thank you, Stacy 🙂
      One of my sisters has got blond hair and she only got grey in her late 40s, lucky her. My other sister and I were not that lucky with our darker hair. Grey and white hair can be totally gorgeous – to some. I am not sure that I am one of those.
      Good luck with the zoom blur shot. It takes a lot of practice a.k.a. shitty shots or a lot of luck.

  5. Oh I can’t even look at that last pic because I’m afraid it’s too vertigo-inducing for me. Haha.
    But that collage of your eye as the center is pretty cool. You’re so artistic!
    Does your eye color change a lot too, like @rorybore’s does?

  6. your eye shot is gorgeous!! I see some green… but it’s not the only colour. very nice.
    And yeah – sorry about the lists! I got sick of lists in blogging a few years ago — which is why you don’t typically see them on my blog. but I thought it was the easiest way to get to know more about one another. But favourites!!?? how do you…. it’ so hard.
    I am in agreement with the ocean though. if only I lived closer to one. and nothing wrong with beach reads — I will be looking for one once I am done all my “heavy” reading!

  7. That was fun. I always enjoy reading people’s answers. It gives you a little insight to who they are. – Fun zoom frame shot. Does your camera have a feature to create that look?

  8. Really, Claudia?! You are still using your iPhone in and around water! *slap forehead* I hope you’re using a waterproof case, dear. lol Your hair color is quite nice. I can’t see the water at all. If you’re like me then you are gonna notice it more than anyone else and that kinda makes you paranoid, right? Every time I get into the car, I pull down the mirror and stare at my hair. I always turn to DH and say, “It’s time to color my hair,” But, I haven’t in a long time. I just get bummed because DIY kits don’t cover it completely and I really don’t want to go through the hassle of going to a salon. So, I’m learning to accept it as it is. Cool abstract photo-art. I’ve been looking to used the zoom burst or kaleidoscope effect. Maybe I’ll find the right image to do this with soon. Have a good day, dearie!

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