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Hello and a warm welcome, friend!

So glad you found my little place on the web and the one page that is all about me, me, me and my ImagesByCW.

Here I am showing you a glimpse into my life and everything I am passionate about, which can be quite diverse as you will find out. I am all about photography, composites, drawings, paintings, sketching, illustration, zendoodling, mixed media and cooking. And probably a lot more.

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And now – that part about me, me, me:

claudia, fleischer, willison

October 2015 in SFO

Visual arts always were a part of me, sounds old, right? But it is true – my earliest memories? Huge wall paper sample catalogs my dad brought home from work for me to doodle on.

From there it was a short journey to pencil drawing and sketching, then watercolor as well as oil color and acrylic.

When I was twelve, my parents gave me my first camera. The start of a life long love (and an empty bank account due to continuously upgrading both camera, lenses and computer hardware and software).

Somewhere along the line I became more interested in the internet, webdesign and I actually coded my first website totally from scratch. It was a lot of fun and diy learning and implementing the code. But in the end nobody is really interested in code, too much, which is when today’s website and blog were born:

ImagesByCW ~ Claudia Willison

Information overload, yet? No? Well, then – here are some milestones in my life so far:

claudia, willison, australia1994 – moved down under to Melbourne, Australiaclaudia, willison, australia

too many photos, and most of them are not scanned – except how about these two gems:

There are a few more Oz photos from later visits in this post.



1997 – moved to Atlanta, GA

Sadly – no photos from my time here

1Bielefeld998 – moved back to Gsparrenburg, Bielefeldermany (Bielefeld)





Claudia & MumbaThe Alps, Switzerland2000 – moved to Switzerland (psst – that is my cute Z3 in the background)



Claudia in Mannheim2003 – met David, the 1st one is the photo that prompted Claudia & Davidhim to contact me on… match.com – hahaha, can you believe it?! The other is from our 1st vacation.



Mannheim, watertower, night2006 – moved back to Germany, this time Mannheim, wEngagement night in Mannheimith David – here the view from our downtown apartment and the night we got engaged




2008-09-05 our wedding2008 – got married to the2008-09-06 our wedding love of my life – yay!



Claudia windsurfing Bonaire2011 – spent the first three months on BonaClaudia windsurfing Bonaireire doing nothing but windsurfing



new jersey, shore, nj2011 – moveautumn, fall, colors, cloudsd to New Jersey

Very close to New York City.

New york, nyc, skyline

You see, I love photos. Better be prepared to see a whole lot more of them. Plus the occasional tutorial, coloring pages, Photoshop composites, drawings, paintings, sketching, illustration, zendoodling, mixed media and cooking, too, because I love all of these.

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