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Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today:  Bonaire Underwater World

“Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self.” ~Jean-Luc Godard ~

As some of you know we are currently on our yearly vacation on Bonaire. It is warm, it is sunny, it is great for windsurfing and has a gorgeous underwater world to discover by either diving or snorkeling. What’s not to love about it? Well, yeah, those days when there is not enough wind to be really surfing. But those are the days you go underwater, to cool off and to enjoy the sea life.

Honestly though, I think I am having the laziest vacation ever. And I mean it. Yes, we have been windsurfing and / or snorkeling everyday, but there are still hours in between to fill with something. Well, that something in my case was – nothing. I did not draw, except for a few mini sketches for the game, I did not blog, I did not take photos – except for with my iPhone, I was simply being totally, utterly lazy.

A shady hammock also doesn’t help any sort of productivity – just sayin’.

I guess one could argue that I needed this. My body and mind needed to get away. Yet, I don’t think I have been away long enough yet, because I still don’t really feel like doing anything. This, as you may have noticed, includes making my blogging, commenting rounds. Most especially on your art that you linked here last Saturday. Thank you for not forgetting about me and my space here. I promise I’ll be back to ‘harass’ you in no time.

And in that spirit I decided to also post today’s Saturday art. Of course, with a Bonaire twist, showing you some of the underwater world we experienced. All photos in this post, and dare I say there will be more, were taken in Lac Bay, Sorobon, where a barrier reef shelters the bay from the open ocean. You can take a long walk through the sandy, shallow part of the bay, which is great for windsurfing, up close to the reef where you can snorkel amidst a myriad of juvenile fish.

I was lucky enough to spot an octopus. That was the excitement of the day and I am still seeing it in my head how he gracefully hovered from one coral to the next, snuggling then into it. What a sight. You can see one of the (iPhone) photos I took of him in the gallery below.

Please click on one photo to enlarge it and then you may scroll through all of them with the arrow keys.

That’s it for me for today. Have a great weekend!





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22 thoughts on “Bonaire Underwater”

  1. This is so incredible. I appreciate you sharing these beautiful photos. I would not be able to see this paradise any other way (since I cannot swim). It truly is another dimension. Hugs.

  2. I see two octopuses! And the coral (or whatever they are) with the designs all over them are fantastic! You sound like you are having such a wonderful time. If I were you, I would not want to do anything except exactly what you are doing!!

  3. These are so cool!! I am still so impressed and happy for you that you found the octopus! What a find. Although, I think your shady hammock is quite a find too. I can’t say that I would be doing much differently. It’s such a beautiful location; I’d want to just soak it all in. We are on vacation too — but still in the land of snow. It’s been warm the past few days. Like no coat warm – which is weird given my lawn is still buried in snow. But it’s “ugly snow.” That dirty brown disgusting layer that does tell you Spring is around the corner, but that also stinks of dog poo. Ick. Not many photographic opportunities right now. This is the in-between time. Yes, a hammock would be perfect.

  4. You have broadened your horizons by going underwater exploring … such a wonderful opportunity. My son is a scuba diver and comes home with wonderful pictures as well, but not sure he ever saw, or at least took a picture of, an octopus … it was your lucky day. Enjoy … relaxation is a big part of what a vacation is about 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. So cool. I am in sore need of a few hours of beach time. Don’t think I’ll be enjoying the snorkeling just yet… The water’s still a bit cold for me and there’s been man-o-war in the area. Not a good idea to get too close to them if you are sensitive to sea lice. Spring break is right around the corner and one of the top things on my list is a visit to the beach… Enjoy the rest of your vacation. xoxo

    • Really? The water is cold in FL? Hard to believe, but… Oh yes, man-o-wars, they are down there, too. Usually only in the ocean, of course. And I actually saw one washed up on the beach, forgot to take a photo though, they are pretty. I hope you do get your beach time though.

      • Claudia, yes you did mention that you used your iPhone. It’s amazing what your phone can. lol I teased DH that he takes better pictures with his iPhone than I do with my big girl camera and while your equipment has to be good I think the real point is it depends on the photographer. He has a natural eye for positioning, exposure, angles, … whereas all of these steps is a lesson learned with every photo I capture. 🙂 Very nice job!

        • Hi Cathy, I know exactly what you mean about the difference between ‘taking a photo’ and ‘seeing (and taking) a photo’ 🙂 What I meant to say though is – remember I lost my iPhone when I dropped it in the pool? But I am still taking it underwater again 😉

          • Point on, Claudia. ‘Taking a photo’ verses ‘seeing a photo’ are two different matters altogether, but I think some people handle a poor photography better. Yeah, I remember your previous iPhone falling in that watery grave and while I was admiring your underwater pictures I thought, “It looks like she hasn’t learned a thing.” Nah, I didn’t think that. lol I knew this time you were prepared to take your camera into the water….right?. 🙂

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