Cloud Reflections in NYC

Last weekend was great. A little exhausting, but even more wonderful. Friends we hadn’t seen in almost three years visited us from Germany. And on top of having a good time simply hanging out, talking, cooking, running and bicycling, of course, we went to New York City. Pretty relaxed though, because they had been there before. So, it was not a question of which tourist attractions to we all fit in, but more like ‘yeah, why don’t we walk a little bit around Greenwich Village. Highline Park, right, haven’t been there yet. And the 911 Memorial is open. Maybe we’ll make it there. And if not – oh well.’ We had an awesome time.

Even more so for me. Not only did I get to be together with friends, but to take photos. With them and of them, those ‘of them’ I will publish in a later post. For today, I will show you the wonderful cloud reflections we experienced last Friday. What gorgeous weather we had! Sunny, warm, but not extremely hot or humid, just nice. I couldn’t believe how lucky we got. Knowing how sticky it can get in the City…

We started off the day in New York, by parking around the corner from Chelsea Market, where we grabbed a freshly made sandwich to eat it somewhere at the Highline Park. And we did. We walked the Park from south to north and half way back enjoying the architecture right next to flowers, plants and trees along with lots of other people. Actually not as many as on weekends. And the clouds were starting to form quite nicely as you can see.

SquaredClouds & Reflections Clouds & Reflections

And after wandering through a lot of smaller and bigger streets in Chelsea and Greenwich Village we finally did end up at the 911 Memorial. Having been there before, I was pretty much blown away by the gorgeous clouds reflecting in all the skyscraper windows. Most especially the Freedom Tower itself.

Freedom Tower: Clouds & ReflectionsFreedom Tower: Clouds & Reflections Freedom Tower: Clouds & Reflections Freedom Tower: Clouds & Reflectionsfreedom, tower, clouds, reflections, monochrome

As I said, more to come, but now it is time for some Sisterhood Stories. So please check out Kay’s story today, no doubt accompanied by wonderful photos at Kay Maguire Photography.

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12 thoughts on “Cloud Reflections in NYC”

  1. I miss NYC in the spring/summer. The photos are gorgeous. That first one with the old and the new combined made me gasp.
    What lens do you use for buildings? I love to hear. My friend’s photographer husband uses the 24-70. When I used to visit NYC, I’d use a 28-200. Or was it 18? It was Tamron and I miss it.

    • I’d agree with spring in NYC, summer can be pretty freakin’ sticky. It’s funny, whenever I walk the HIghline Park there is something new or new/old that I find to take a picture of, like this.
      The lens I used for these photos is a 16-24 on my full frame, so a true wide angle. Finally I can get a whole skyscraper into a frame. I used to have my 17-50 Tamron, but on a crop sensor, so a lot of times it was just that little bit too long. But now… not anymore 🙂

  2. These are stunning – I love where the reflections meet the sky and it becomes hard to tell where the building ends and the sky begins. Really beautiful. What a great day – I really miss New York so much. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Jill. You are right, the sometimes seemingly seamless change from sky to building fascinated me the day I took the photos. It truly was a wonderful day to go and enjoy the city.


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