6 thoughts on “Day 65”

  1. I like it that when you work out even your musics steams! 😉
    I hope you are relieved from your “daytime stress” after the workout …

  2. I need a break from my current music that is “streaming”: the boy is playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii so I hear laser blasts “pew pew pew pew pew pew” and the theme song; the little is on the computer playing Doc McStuffins games, and Middle is singing songs from Aladdin As Loud As Is Humanly Possible. Oye — some actual music would be wonderful.

    • Yeah, ‘streaming’ – hehehe – hubby was coming home just as I was typing and thus distracting me. But this typo brings a whole new meaning to it all, right?!
      Honestly? I will forever regret not having kids. But the situation you’re describing or the migraine episode(s) – although to some or a lot of moms and dads this is ‘music to their ears’, those are the instances I am quite happy about being alone with hubby 🙂

  3. The soundtrack I hear right now is birds chirping in the trees, the dog sniffing out something or other, Ally keeping up a monologue of some sort and Saturday neighborhood noises… My kind of music on a gorgeous Saturday morning!!! Hope you enjoyed the music and the work-out. I need to get on the latter one and move my butt… 🙂 Have a great weekend! Alles Gute zum Frauentag!!!!

    • I like that soundtrack, too, Susi. Only up here it is way too cold and unfriendly in the morning for it. Although it did warm up a lot in the sun so that we actually ended up washing our cars – LOL – then I finished a photo project and now I am moving my butt (to the elliptical)
      Dir auch alles Gute und ein wunderschoenes Wochenende!!


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