Doodling & handlettering & a story

Welcome to my ~A(R)T~urday linky party!

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~

Week 2 of AEDM (Art Every Day Month) over at Creative Every Day. It somehow felt as if I did a lot less than last week. However, when I look at the turnout below I got to say – sometimes a feeling can be deceiving.

Starting with last Sunday it was all about collaboration with my husband. He writes fiction in his spare time and is up to part eleven of his Miltonville Mine Mystery. If you haven’t seen the latest, and dare I say 2nd to last episode-cliffhanger-kind-of-thing, you can check it out here. As usual pictures were provided by yours truly.

Like this one – a thick forest on fire and fog, lots of it! This is a Photoshop composite entirely.

Miltonville Mine Mystery

Miltonville Mine Mystery

During the week, of course, it usually is the time to zendoodle. This is my doodled ‘eye’.

zendoodle, zentangle, eye

With all the zendoodling I have been doing lately, I felt like I had to draw a face again. So, I did. I tried ‘whimsical’ – not sure if I’ll try again. For this one I used my Caran d’Ache water-soluble color pencils (Amazon affiliate link), yet, as you can see, I did not add any water, but left it dry.

whimsy, girl, paintin

Oh, and then there’s the handlettering course I am following. It is a challenge, the prompts are posted here if you care to join. They are alternating daily between lettering and doodling – quite fitting for me right now, don’t you think? So, on Tuesday the prompt was ‘XO’. This is my interpretation…xoxo, tic tac toe, lettering

Wednesday’s prompt was ‘neon’ and it was supposed to be doodling. I guess I mixed it all up, but I really,really  like how this one turned out, including the little mishaps.

neon, coloring, fun

My last two are both lettering, first ‘you are enough’. I practiced basic handlettering with my newish Tombow dual brush pencils (Amazon affiliate link). I also used them in the ‘neon’ picture above, where you can see that you can blend them. Isn’t that neat? Got to practice that some more, but I am definitely intrigued.
calligraphy, lettering

And the quote – well, it says it all, doesn’t it? Be positive!  I used my calligraphy pen and nibs plus india ink for this one.calligraphy, lettering

And that’s a wrap for today. This is my sARTurday post and I would love for you to link up your creative projects below so I can check them out. Have a wonderful and creative weekend all.

Whoops, I almost forgot, one night I also re-worked my ‘about‘ page. There is still something missing and I will be changing a couple of things, but check it out and let me know what you think, will you? Thank you so much.

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24 thoughts on “Doodling & handlettering & a story”

  1. hallo claudia,
    ich habe den song von Cabaret mit Liza Minelli im Ohr. Der Mann, der durch die Show führt singt es zusammen mit ihr … Two ladies heisst er glaube ich….
    das bunte, simple finde ich persönlich am schönsten…
    Gute Woche, herzlich P.

  2. You are a true artist my friend! Talent, passion – the way you seem to breathe in the world around you, and exhale something creative and beautiful! It’s just fantastic. Whether it’s a picture, or a doodle; it’s all inspiring.
    And I really love the whimsical face!
    The About Me page is Exactly how an About Me page should be. Definitely gives a wonderfully “alive” picture of you, and engages the reader to want to linger.

    • Thank you very much, Les. I guess I was on a roll last week. It is definitely different so far this week. Might have something to do with the fact that I am looking at my website design – again…
      I’m glad you like the ‘about’ page, now people just need to look at it – LOL

  3. You are a busy artist indeed. Every thought that flits through your mind becomes a creation. I think your future is very bright and colorful … I hope I am there to see it bloom 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Well, not quite, Andrea, but it is true that I am always trying to and actually seeing the beauty in many things. If I am then able to reproduce it – that’s a whole different story. But I’ll keep on trying.
      I hope I’ll be there, too 😀

  4. Claudia, your “About” page is simply fantastic! I really enjoyed reading it and looking at your pictures. We’ve been online friends for several years now and I feel like I know you and David even more after reading it. Very special! And your picture of you as a little girl is just precious!

  5. Love all your art. My little Ally is becoming quite the artist and is asking for all kinds of supplies. We just spent a few dollars on prisma color watercolor markers and she’s drawing and doodling away. Last Saturday that’s all she did and she’s quite good at it too.
    I love your about me page with the photos – love that they are round. I always have a thing for round pictures. 🙂

    • Well, some of it I would not quite call ‘art’, but… I am working on it. And that is what Ally is doing, I hope she keeps her enthusiasm. But, hey, I didn’t do a lot of drawing for years and look at me now – full steam ahead again.
      Of course, you like the round pictures 🙂 Wonder how you got that love for ’round’. Hmm, then again, when I look at my site now I see round everywhere, too

  6. strange, my comment seem to have vanished. I know I said I loved the doodled eye. That´s my favorite. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to DAM.

    I´ts so sad to see my meme fade away. But people don´t seem to be interested anymore. 🙁

    • Sometimes the interwebs are just weird. I have made it a habit to copy&paste my comments on other people’s blogs, because I have written and lost so many because of some weird internet thingie.
      Don’t give up your meme, it is most likely just a phase. Sometimes I have only one or two people linking up, which is sad, but then again, I am making my art anyhow and, most importantly, for myself. So, I just keep plugging away.

    • Vielen Dank, Valerie. Na ja, Projekte sind es ja nicht wirklich, dafür bleibt in der Woche neben dem Vollzeitjob einfach keine Zeit. Aber immer mal hier und da ein bischen, das ist schon wichtig und gut.

    • Thank you so much, Sherry. Uh oh, when ever people say something like ‘raw beginner’ I am beginning to get suspicious 🙂 But I’ll be hopping over to your blog in a bit, then I will see – the truth – hahaha. But yes, doodling and drawing is very, very satisfying and relaxing indeed. I cannot wait to get home and doodle some more.

  7. So awesome. I love the page. So personal.
    And I like all these prompts and your interpretations. What a fireball of inspiration you’ve been!
    I’d be so afraid to try lettering and doodling. Sometimes it’s like I can’t be bothered to make a shopping list by hand. So different from the girl who wrote out ten page papers by hand, only to edit them with a computer later.

    • Thank you! I wanted it to be personal. And not some generic ‘this is me’ page. I’m glad I succeeded.
      I am really struggling with the lettering part and doodling, well, sometimes they are merely more than a ‘doodle’, but I can live with that. The process itself is so… much.
      Shopping lists? Hah – I hate doing lists and definitely not by hand, Evernote is my friend.


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