Falling for the iPhone 6




I hesitated, stumbled, then I fell

went over to the dark side

completely, for I have (pre)ordered it

Still no clue? The iPhone 6!


business, phone, david

(of course, this is NOT the new iPhone 6 – yet)


And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:feelingbeachiebutton 200x200
  1. I am a perfectionist and a dreamer – does that contradict itself?
  2. I don’t like to go out to dinner alone. I do it e.g. on a biz trip, but…
  3. Would you re-wind your life if you could?
  4. Cooking with friends is something to be loved. 

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30 thoughts on “Falling for the iPhone 6”

  1. NGL – if someone offered me the iPhone6, I’d take it in a heartbeat. I am not even ashamed anymore.
    but there are practical reasons too – I find apps like Twitter and Instagram eventually start to perform badly if you don’t have the latest version. And since I still have the iPhone4s — I am anticipating some problems soon.

    I think you can totally be both a perfectionist and a dreamer. Actually, I am willing to bet it is the perfectionist who most often makes their dreams come true. This is why being a slacker, like me, is not good. LOL

    • NGL – I had to look up that one – LOL – shows you how ‘good’ I am…
      Why should you be ashamed, Les, phew – no need to. Just like I don’t care (anymore) what people think when I by the newest and shiniest electronic toys or such. It is me. I can. And I do. If I feel like it. It is my life and I am trying to enjoy it!
      Really?! They don’t play nice anymore on the 4s? That sucks! I mean the 4s isn’t that old and the apps should really be downward compatible.
      Thanks for the supporting the dreaming perfectionist. Or the perfect dreamer. LOL

  2. No I’Phone’s for this puppy. I just use mine to make phone calls. – I bet though you will have fun with yours. (Maybe someday I’ll change my mind).
    Not to many enjoy eating alone. I don’t mind it at home by myself.
    Rewinding one’s life…well I probably would do a few things different given the chance but then again nothing in life happens without a reason so I guess I’d leave it just the way it is.

    • That’s fair enough, Ida. Whatever works for you. I for sure would not want to miss my smartphone. It truly is a love and a curse, I guess, but mostly love. Although I am almost certain an android, even the new Blackberry Z30 (my work phone) would be fine. But I kinda got used to my iPhone and bought all the apps. And the camera is mighty fine, too 🙂
      Eating alone at home is fine, no problem, but out in a restaurant – not if I can help it.
      Honestly, I would not rewind my life either, well, not much anyhow.

  3. I got one today, which surprised me, because I don’t stand in line for ANYTHING! I just called on a fluke and our local store still had them in at 6:00pm. So I popped over and got one.

    • Ha, you know what, Tamara? That was almost exactly the time that I got mine, too 🙂 I went during lunch break, which – quite obviously – was bad timing, so I didn’t stay. But I went back after work and only had two people waiting in front of me. And, seriously, I didn’t even wait 5 minutes, just enough time to do a facebook check in – LOL. And now, I got home so late, I haven’t even taken the first picture yet 🙁 Did you get the 6 or the 6plus?


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