Feeling confident today?

coffeechatLeslie wants to know: What  makes you feel the most confident/attractive/sexy? Hmm, those are three totally different things, well, maybe not totally and it completely depends on the circumstances. But, what makes me feel confident, does not necessarily make me feel attractive or sexy. On the other hand, feeling confident, may make me feel attractive.

See, I feel the most confident when I am either in completely familiar and good-feel locations, surrounded by people I know. And for some reason or the other they respect me, which then makes me feel confident. And contrary to being in a familiar setting the opposite can be true, too. Put me in a crowd, people are talking actual topics and I participate and other people start listening to what I say – that is a pretty good boost for confidence.

Attractive and sexy? Hm, I think I should admit that I have got a difficult relationship with those two. Just ask David, how much of a difficult time I have accepting it when he calls me beautiful. I just don’t see myself that way. But just like every woman that I know I do want to feel pretty, attractive and sexy, but… I guess the closest I get to feeling that way is getting out of the hairdresser salon and loving my hair. Which does not always happen. Or when I find a piece of clothing that totally fits and flatters my pretty curvy and not too slim body. Which is not as easy as it sounds, even in the US. You have got to remember that I am 6’1 tall and in a normal shop e.g. Macy’s even the ‘long’ pants are quite a bit too short for me.

Over the years, I have gotten a little better with all three feelings, confident / attractive / sexy. But am I comfortable with any of them? No, never. But I’m working on it. And having a handsome husband by my side walking along the path of life with me, helps, too. A lot. Happy Birthday, Dearsis (whenever you are going to read this). I love you!

p.s. I am pretty sure I felt pretty confident / attractive / sexy when this photo was taken (at a friend’s wedding) about six years ago 🙂

Photography and more

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11 thoughts on “Feeling confident today?”

  1. It’s a lovely photo.
    I haven’t really felt beautiful/confident/sexy in awhile but summer helps. It’s the sundresses and bathing suits and sea-salt in my hair. There’s just something about it.

    • Thank you, Tamara. A snapshot really, but sometimes they are the best, because they catch the moment candidly.
      Summer, or rather sun, really helps to feeling beautiful and while I do not have the figure anymore for bathing suits, I still wear them, because I want to go surfing. And have that sea salt in my hair. Beachy hair – other people hate it, I love it. I am glad you do, too 🙂

  2. You both look beautiful, confident and sexy in that picture!! And it’s funny that you say you’re 6’1 — because my short height is one of the things that I can get down about. silly – since I have absolutely no control over that. But you’re so right: I think confidence leads to feeling attractive, which leads to feeling sexy and perhaps wanting to express that fully.

    • Thanks, Leslie 🙂 Swaying from ‘the norm’ either way, tends to put on a challenge, for some people more and for some less. And there is always good and bad, two sides to everything. There are things I love about my height and would not want to miss and then… I deny myself to wear high(er) heels 😀


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