Halloween 2014

Trick or treat? Kids will ask

 tomorrow, all dressed up in costumes

which are scary, most are cute

but, will it be – a trick?


8 years ago I carved my very first pumpkin for Halloween. Hmm, come to think of it, it may have been my second. But, guess who taught me? And which one is mine?

halloween, pumpkin

Happy Halloween 2014!

I carved these two myself as David had to stay late at work. PROMISE: I’ll post a better picture tonight, this one is a quickie..

halloween, pumpkin, jack, lantern

So, here’s the update. Not sure if it is really better, but these two definitely had a ball last night. Just look at them grinning and being totally drenched, but still glowing. Hah – what a night!

Do you celebrate Halloween where you are?


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And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:
  1. During a storm (rain, thunder or snow), I love to snuggle on the couch with… (fill in the blanks)
  2. Enjoying the ocean is in my blood, so to speak.
  3. Listening to relaxing music is something I enjoy a lot after a stressing working day.
  4. Answering questions spontaneously and truthfully can be challenging.

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28 thoughts on “Halloween 2014”

  1. Do I celebrate? Oh yes!!!! I do not carve the pumpkins anymore myself though. I have passed that on to the kiddies. Halloween has always been my day since I can remember. But, you mentioned in another post that you dressed up for Fasching and that is a holiday I loved when I lived in Germany. We did not have much to do on Halloween except on the base but Fasching sure made up for it!! 🙂

    • Harvest Party sounds like tons of fun. I hope you had a good time with your friend(s). We actually didn’t do anything for Halloween, in fact, we got home late from work and missed of the trick or treaters – sad…

  2. Too busy for me today to do the 4 Fill In – I am kinda taking a break from memes the rest of this week to get caught up. Next week I will be on a sugar high so I should be able to do All the Memes!! heehee

    Love your pumpkin kung-fu — very good!! 🙂

    • Yep, too busy… hah – I’m replying not to this week’s Friday’s comments, but the previous week’s – how did that happen?! What a week… I hope you survived your sugar high (got to check later :))

  3. I love your pumpkin carvings.

    The grandkids and I carve pumpkins together on occasion. We’re pretty flexible around here. We do celebrate Halloween. We try to do a Harvest Fest most years to celebrate the end of harvest (we own a fruit orchard) and put on a Halloween party, all in one. We eat, have a carnival for the small ones, do a haunted forest, hayride, and stories. One year we had a scarecrow making contest, which was a ton of fun. Harvest Fest is a fun family tradition.

  4. Couldn’t guess which one was yours in the first photo but they’re both great!
    I’m not a good pumpkin carver.
    We had a blast celebrating up here. I’m still recovering..


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