Welcome to my s~A(R)T~urday linky party – today: Healing Art.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
~ Thomas Merton ~

Now that this is out there, how about you? Do you? And just to clarify, the fact that I do not participate in the yearly resolutions, does not mean that I do not have ideas and wishes, even goals, for my year 2016. Some are personal like getting fit again after my injury, some are work = less of it or less stress and some are related to ImagesByCW, more on that further below.

And the beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to start over something that has been bugging you. Or start taking up something you always wanted to do. It is certainly something that I can relate to. Just before Christmas I was participating for the first time in an ‘online retreat for women’. Sounds strange, right? But bear with me. It started on the day of the (winter) solstice and ended yesterday. As part of this retreat the teachers sent us daily video lessons in yoga and meditation, something I have not really done before, and, of course, art.

From these meditations, we would then create our art work, pictures or writing. For this purpose we all made our own art journal at the very beginning of the retreat. Something I had never done before either. I am fairly new to art journaling in general and in particular, while I am slowly finding my way back to painting and drawing. Yet, all of it is a lot of fun and – very relaxing.

All ‘teachers’ are women, who believe in healing art and the powers of meditation. And while I cannot speak from personal experience (yet) concerning the meditation, but art – oh yes! Just ask David how often it happens that when I am stressed and grumpy, but somehow manage to get my act together and draw or paint for a while, almost magically I would be in a good mood again. It really is most amazing to me.

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So, naturally, what I started during this retreat meditation, yoga and painting, all of it, will continue to be part of my personal path in 2016.

As far as the blog is concerned you probably noticed a few changes. In December I got a new theme, layout and I think it is working out great and will be here for years to come. Minor tweaks will always occur e.g. I am not certain about the floating navigation bar, I think I may have it fixed on the top. You may have also noticed that after years I have now gotten rid of CommentLuv. No particular reason other than it just did not feel right anymore.

I am now taking my website and blog more serious and therefore, alongside the existing ads, you may sometimes see affiliate links. But don’t worry ImagesByCW will never be a website, where you have to search for actual content among all the ads. While I cannot influence the ads shown to you (much), I assure you that whenever you see affiliate links 1) they will be marked clearly in the post and 2) you can be sure that they are for products that I am using myself and love. I am not a good sales person and will only recommend something I believe in.

And that’s about it with ideas and wishes that I wanted to share with you on this first day of 2016. Here’s to a wonderful year for you and I (and no more injuries, please!).

There is one more thing, I asked my email subscribers if you prefer to get an email with each post published or rather one (or two, should I decide to post more often) email per week as a summary. So far the outcome is an even tie. So, I am posing the question again. Would you please do me a favor and let me know either in the comments or by taking this mini survey? It would help me tremendously. Thank you so much.

And now, here is my artwork for this week. It is, of course, the self made art journal, which some of you may have already seen on Instagram. Enjoy your weekend!

It used to be a regular hard cover art journal. I then wrapped and spray-glued the cover with watercolor paper and let it dry.

art journal

Then I completely moistened the watercolor paper and dropped india ink color on it, distributing the different colors with a small sponge. Then drying again.

art journalart journal

The online retreat’s name was/is Woman Unleashed and with my recent dabbling in lettering I just had to had that in there somehow. So, I wrote and drew it on the cover, first with pencil, then with a micron pen.

art journal

I wanted to give the leash some structure, so I painted it with gesso.

art journal

After that was dry I painted it with Posca gel pens and later with metallic gel pens. The rainbow colored circle was achieved with Tombow markers and some glitter added.

art journal

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Don’t think about making art, just get it done.

Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. 

While they are deciding, make even more art.” 

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self portrait, Claudia Willison, ImagesByCW

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