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Can you believe that last week, and I mean the whole week, I have done nothing on my website or blog. It feels very weird. Pretty bad, but also, strangely pretty well. While I certainly read all your lovely comments to last Sunday’s and my (scheduled) Wordless Wednesday post, I did not reply to any of them. Until yesterday. It was a lot of fun taking the time Saturday morning reading and replying to each one and then, of course, hopping over to your blogs to see what you have been up to.

The previous week David was traveling, too, and I had not been in the photo editing funk, I guess – lucky me I don’t have client pressure to push me. Anyways, I have not been totally slack, creatively speaking, I just have not been editing and/or publishing photos. I had started, wanted to make a sort of composit, but then my old love for drawing took over. I know it doesn’t look like much, but if you have do not draw regularly, it takes a while to get back into it. Trust me.

mermaid, drawing, photoshop

I enjoyed the evening I made this a lot. It was very soothing and at the same time stimulating drawing my ‘little mermaid’, as I call her. She is 100 % drawn with pen & tablet in Photoshop, where I also added a texture and background. It just made me happy to draw. You know, I used to draw and paint a lot when I was younger. A lot younger, before career and such.

Anyways, so David came home late Wednesday and we were both back to work and its usual stress. The days flew by and Friday came fairly quickly. We had friends over for dinner and made Swiss cheese fondue with everything we could think of e.g. bread, potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, pear, pineapple and the wine to accompany us – a wonderful evening!

And so it was Saturday and after breakfast I finally got to take a look at my blog. As much as I enjoyed that, I longed to work with my little mermaid. As I said I had planned to incorporate her into one of my photos, to be specific into one of my wave photos. But then along came David. And he saw my mermaid and mentioned casually ‘ Ah, beautiful, so next time I need graphic help with my game development I know who to ask. Can you make her move? Do you know sprite sheets?’. And I was like, ‘what?’

But the seed was planted. A moving mermaid, now there was a thought. It is very far from photography, but I do like to try out other stuff. So, suffice to say, Saturday afternoon till about 6 pm I drew and dabbled and then again today, all day I worked some more and finally came up with this.


mermaid, make a wish, gif

Yes, there is room for improvement. A lot. But there almost always is, isn’t there?aedmlogored

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12 thoughts on “Make a wish”

  1. Hey that is really neat! I did not know that you did drawing, etc. as well! Yes, it does a body good to try new things or go back to old loves. It really does help the creative process! Hope all your wishes come true too! 🙂

    • Well, that was a long time before we ‘met’, Debbi. I always felt like going back to it, but… the muse was lacking 😉 I don’t think I’ll ever take it much further, but every now and then it should be fun.

  2. Moving picture!!!! 🙂
    I love her.
    And this may not be traditional photography, but it is most definitely ART. and it is fun to work in other mediums – I think that switch up can ignite your creative spark and who knows where it will go.
    Would love to see more. I cannot draw. nope. That’s why photography suits me I think. 🙂

    • Exactly, Leslie a.k.a. ‘Gif-queen’ 🙂 I hope it ignites… something. I really could use a spark. Although, really last weekend was fun. I seriously did not do anything else, but this – and it was fun.
      You know what you say about photography used to be what I said about it. It has outgrown that though.

  3. Ah, that is so cool! I think it’s most definitely art. And it’s not something I can do. Just the fact that I write and do photography changes it up. And it’s WEIRD. But awesome.

    • Thanks, Tamara. I know my mermaid is very crude and, and… but I loved the process and also the outcome.
      Yes, you write – not weirdly though, but beautifully. Something I cannot.
      I get to think that maybe our creative minds really need more than one outlet. Maybe that’s why every now and then I go back to drawing.

  4. That’s really cool and amazing. I love it. My hands were itching to paint last weekend. The girls and I stopped at Hobby Lobby and they had canvases for sale. Middle got a few and was very crafty all weekend. Walking through the art aisles make me itch to create myself. I’m by no means a Picasso but I really enjoy the process.

    • Oh, I know that itchy feeling well, Susi. I had it more than once. And I still have the oil and water colors and canvases and paper to prove it. Which also explains my hesitance to buy the Waterlogue app.. Doing watercolor for real is so amazing, to think that you can do that now with a ‘simple push of a button’… is a little disturbing. It looks cool, but it is disturbing.

    • It is funny, making the Gif itself wasn’t really that difficult. Yes, you do need the program which I am certain you can find on the Internet (for free), I used Photoshop. The drawing was the real challenge for me. But it was so much fun.


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