My first manga drawing off a real life photo

The past few days, nights, whenever I had time and felt like it I have been practicing drawing different poses and the different folds these poses create in clothes. Once again I did this on my iPad in Procreate app. For the most part I only penciled the poses and I worked off a drawing book about manga. Basically I was re-drawing somebody else’s drawing, which is surprisingly more difficult than you may think.runningStockphoto

I was quite happy with the results so this morning I decided to work off a photo, not an actual drawing, one step harder. I googled an image of a ‘running teenager’ and found this one here (which is available as a stock photo on Dreamstime) and used it as my model for the below drawing.

While I am really happy with how the drawing turned out, it is not a true manga. The proportions are very real, not over-emphasized and the shading is too defined, which is seen in western comics. Yes, but usually not in manga. Still I like it, so I’m sharing it with you.

Everything up until the shading was done on my iPad in Procreate. However the shading was added in Photoshop, which is so much easier since you can work with clipping masks and layers. You may watch the video of my work until that point below, I did not capture the shading in Photoshop. I always find it fascinating to watch how a simple, actually a very simple sketch turns into an image.

Enjoy the rest of this hot Sunday. Here in New Jersey we have got a heat wave (94 °F/35 °C, real feel 98 °F/37 °C) and it is going to stay for a bit , tomorrow even hotter with 98 °F/37 °C, real feel 108 °F/42 °C, then a thunderstorm at night and back to today’s temps the next few days. What can I say – it is SUMMER!

Stay cool and cheers,


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13 thoughts on “My first manga drawing off a real life photo”

  1. Excellent and I LOVED watching your video… I love drawing digitally although less verbatim….more whimsical. Really well done …love it! Very inspirational!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Oh man… I wish I had her legs!!! LOL Another great one. Is she perhaps out hunting for Pokemon? I know that’s what my girls are running around looking for. That’s their dads time with them though, and they are having quite the game of it. Love this manga art you are exploring.


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