Moon Photos on Bonaire

On Sunday I finally went through some more photos I took on Bonaire. With the intention of putting a blog post together from A to Z for our Sisterhood Stories. You know leaving home, hitting the airport getting to Bonaire etc. So, I started processing a photo and then another and another one. And then I thought, wait a moment, these are all moon photos that I am processing here. What’s going on?

wpid-52fd35ca74dbf7.74660512.jpgI guess it had to do with the fact that I could hardly take any photos during the daytime. Well, of course, I took some, but I could not be my usual self and stand for hours in the sun and shoot windsurfing photos. Or wave crashing photos. You know, the antibiotics I was still taking for lyme got to me and made me extremely sensitive to light. I got burnt really bad, despite the fact that I was using 100+ baby sunscreen. Not enough to fend off the sun so close to the equator. Thankfully the best wind for surfing was early in the morning and later in the afternoon i.e. times with less intense sun, which made it possible for me to still enjoy quite a bit of surfing. Just not so much photographing. Until… night time. o.k. not really, but it was a full moon while we were there – and it showed. Beautifully. There is just something about a moon over the ocean. Add a few clouds for atmosphere and then maybe some color or such in post – et voila!

So now I am having this whole blog post dedicated to the moon. Maybe not the most realistic moon photos, although they are, but more in an artistically, colorful way to capture the sometimes eerie feeling under a (full) moon. Though tempted to use a texture here or there, I did not in order to not distract from the moon itself. I hope you will enjoy these.

moon photo, cool blue, Bonaire, ocean

moon, palm, tree, blue

moon, clouds, colors

red, pink, purple, moon photo, cloudsOh, and for all those technical nerds out there: These photos were shot at a whopping ISO 4000! That is right, three zeros. Modern technology is just amazing, isn’t it?

Btw, I am sure I will have that initial blog post up soon, and I am also pretty certain there will be some more moon shots in there, too. But for now on to more Sisterhood Stories: This blog post is part of the Sisterhood Stories blog circle, so please check out what story Kay of  Kay Maguire Photography has on her blog for us..

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18 thoughts on “Moon Photos on Bonaire”

  1. You shot the moon!!!! 🙂

    And so awesome! that first one on the water is amazing — exactly the kind of moon shot I’d like to capture. my aunt has a cottage on a lake near here, and she has this long dock over the water — you can see the moon hit it just right from the spare bedroom balcony. I will be there this summer and want that shot! ha
    ISO 4000!! wow – I don’t think my camera even goes that high – I’ll have to check.

    • Sure did 🙂 I hope it is going to be full moon time when you are visiting your aunt. While other moons are nice, too, that’s the best. ISO4000 is pretty sick… I could have gone higher, but I though – nah

  2. So far the only good moon shot I’ve been able to take has been during the day. I need to set my Tripod up and try to get a decent night shot. I like the 2nd one here with the moon peeking through the branches.

    • 2nd shot? Taken right from my favorite place there: Thee hammock – any time of the day or night 😉 such a great place. And definitely – a tripod is a very good idea for moon shots, Ida.

  3. I can relate with the sun burn. I usually burn the first time I go out in the sun after winter despite sunscreen. Ouch! The wind surfing sounds so delightful. Something I haven’t done yet, but would love to! Your night time images are lovely as well. The first one of the lit pier is my favorite 🙂

    • Uuuh, that sounds bad with the sun, Karrie. I usually don’t have that problem at all. I use 50+ and that’s it. But this time – 100+ was not enough 🙁 Those night shots are a little different, I guess, but that’s how I wanted them. Glad you like the pier shot!

    • Thanks a lot, Jessica! I’m well aware that this kind of processing or any kind of processing for that matter is not to everyone’s liking, but – that is not really my problem, right? I am glad that you like it. And, yeah, the moon is pretty fascinating – as are stars, but they are much harder to photograph

    • Clever? You mean the ISO? Well, that is what it is there for, right?! 🙂 I have tried high ISO with my previous camera, but thought it totally sucked. But these days, I think these are pretty usable.

  4. wow these are great and so athmospheric! I love looking at the moon but sometimes its hard to get on camera what you are seeing. I feel you have done a great job with this and I really enjoyed your post.


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