OBX ocean & sunset pics to the rescue

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November 6th

Day #6 of AEDM and NaBloPoMo – being Sunday there is no writing prompt from them and also Daily writing is still hung up on yesterday. On top of it, I am feeling very uninspired this morning, despite the extra hour of sleep. Why?

We are having some issues swapping from David’s health insurance over to mine. What seems to me like a simple swap with no gap, no nothing seems to turn out being a major headache and quite possibly big hole in our budget. Starting a new job and getting health insurance is no issue, but swapping from one to the other is?! Why is the American health system so effed up?! Don’t answer, that’s a rhetorical question.

Of course, while we agreed to leave it be till Monday, it is looming and I am still thinking about it, which naturally impacts my ability to create art. So, yesterday I spent basically the whole day working on our ‘computer swap’. Do you have any idea how laborious that can be? I started right after breakfast with swapping hard drives. That seemed easier to me, having thousands and thousands of photos on them then copying them. And it was. But it took time to take them out, get all the cables disconnected and then do the same thing, reversed, on the other computer. After that all my programs had to be de-installed and re-installed, verified, and I am not mentioning any of the hiccups or the fact that I still need to get all my plugins (Photoshop) and presets (Lightroom and Photoshop) back.

Anyways, it took all day yesterday and now I am here, totally uninspired and wondering what art I may show you to possibly inspire you. I am sure I have to, because my writing this far is most depressing, I know. And I am sorry.

How about, after all the fall photos lately, a couple of pictures from the Outer Banks? Sunsets and the ocean are always inspiring and soothing, right? Hope you enjoy these and the rest of your Sunday.




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OBX ocean – sunset & waves

Taken with my – now broken – DSLR (D800) and edited in Lightroom only

obx, wave, ocean

obx, sunset, ocean


9 thoughts on “OBX ocean & sunset pics to the rescue”

  1. Having lost a good number of my pictures
    after transferring them to a computer that fried within hours of doing the transfer, I feel your pain. The second picture is stunning. The gold bits on the ocean really pop and make an interesting detail. I am drawn in to look deeply! Well done!

  2. I am soooo here for ocean waves and sunsets! Totally makes my day… and yes is inspiring me because I have to return to my story about Mike and Callie this week!!
    And I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who experiences technical difficulties that leave me uninspired, and sometimes even just want to walk away from everything technology. Except my camera of course. But then again, I’d eventually need a computer to get the photos anyway. Ha. I am quite happy with a stack of journals for writing though. 🙂

  3. Ah, that second photo! (and the first) Took my breath away.
    The healthcare question… totally messed up.
    As for the computer swap, I have to do that soon but I’ve been putting it off because I’m soooo scared!

  4. I’m sorry about your health insurance issue – what a PITA. Just wonder how the situation may look like when the man whose name must not be mentioned turns his announcements into reality.
    The pics a gorgeous, I especially like the one with the intense sky and clouds! Wow!

    What? Your wonderful D800 is broken ;-0 How comes?


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