Photography Instagram Challenge July 2013 week #2

Sunday – and time for week #2 of our fPOE Instagram Challenge July 2013. If you missed last week’s post here it is. Every day in July we have a different prompt and we are to take and post one, or more, new photos for it. Not always so easy, when you are working 8 – 5 in the office… The special twist with this challenge for every one of our participating photographers is: Phone only! No photos taken with a regular camera and no editing on a computer. Phone only. As you know I am already posting my Instagram photos every week on WW, but since this is special I wanted to add it here at the end of week #2. Here are my first 6 takes in our Instagram Challenge July 2013:

~ sweet ~


~ reflection ~


~ sky ~


~ favorite things ~


~ 9 pm ~

Well, what can I say… I missed this one, because at 9 pm most days you can find myself either in front of my computer or watching a film with David. Both no good for taking a pic 😉

~ soft ~


~ circles ~


For your daily dose of fPOE photos in our instagram challenge July 2013 hop on over to our group’s blog here.

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3 thoughts on “Photography Instagram Challenge July 2013 week #2”

  1. Love your take on the sweet prompt and really like what you did with the circles one too. Amazing how much you can do with editing apps now. 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. Love your phone photos – it’s so empowering for artists and crafters to realize they can take reliably good product photos with their phone apps!


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