Sunny Day or headaches?

If you read my previous post you already know that we stayed up a little late on Friday (3:30 am Saturday). Quite thankfully though I was the designated driver and did not drink. Otherwise I probably would have sported a massive headache on Saturday. Too much alcohol or also the wrong kind of alcohol e.g. certain red wines or mixing too many different kinds will do that. Not this time. I was good, just very tired.

Somehow I woke up fairly early and got up at 8:30 and decided to stay up. After a normal Saturday with shopping, cleaning, working out, cooking and such we had a late dinner and watched a film from the 90s (Phantoms – anyone seen that?) until about 10:30/11:00 pm by which time I was again really tired, after the previous night. But – I had agreed to skype with my BFF Saturday night. Why skype? Why Saturday night? Well, she lives down under. in Australia.

We have lived far away from each other for quite a while, Germany / Australia, Switzerland / Germany. But we have always managed staying in touch. Yet somehow Australia to US makes it really difficult for us. See, while right now it is 5:27 pm Sunday here in NJ, my friend is already ‘happily’ enjoying her Monday morning 9:27 am at work. So, really the only way for us to meet is late (for me) on weekends (Friday or Saturday).

Anyways, you know how it is when you get together with your BFF, right? So for us it is only possible via skype. And for that – I love skype. She was lounging in a tank-top on the deck before it got too hot (summer in Australia) and she went inside to the air conditioned bedroom. At the same time I was in my warmly heated office wearing a sweater and thick socks. Much later we were joined by her partner, her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. All of them lounging around in Oz, I was here in NJ – and we were happily chatting the rest of the evening away. Until it was – 1:30 am. Late again! That was it for me. When I finally said good night, they were making dinner plans.

You know what is giving me a headache in all this? 1) Too little sleep 2) too much trying to figure out what the time is on the side of earth (thank God for Google) and 3) how the heck is it that the weekend is already over?! Leslie’s prompt for this week’s Coffee Chat is – I think; therefore I have a headache. Suffer from over-thinking? Guilty of the thinking much?  Or, just.. .meh. For me mostly I think it is meh, no over-thinking. Yes, I do tend to think a lot, about… ‘things’. But I usually come to a decision before it gets too bad. Too much turning around in circles is very unproductive and potentially very upsetting. Hm, maybe that is why I am fairly good at making (quick) decisions? Unfortunately though I do get headaches, even migraines, but for other reasons (see top of this post).

And now for another image. I realized that it is actually fun trying to create a picture to a specific song. Remember last week’s 99 Luftballons? Well, this week Kathy chose I Can See Clearly Now -by Jimmy Cliff for her Song-ography. I do not like reggae, but I love this song! It is one of my ultimate favorite ‘good mood songs’. When I looked up this week’s song I played it and was immediately rocking, singing and smiling along. That’s what I call a good song. So, here is my picture for it. I am sure I could have found a lot of straight out of the camera photos for it, but you know that I really got into this style lately.

(click to enlarge)

sunny day, grunge, fine art, photoshop

 (credit: Photos by me / textures by: JulieMead and SebastianMichaels)


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18 thoughts on “Sunny Day or headaches?”

  1. YOWZA you nailed this one! I am so intrigued by your process. Are you planning to post any sort of tutorial in the future? This is so far out of my wheelhouse, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

    • Thanks so much, Kathy! Well, honestly, I hadn’t really planned on posting a how-to for this kind of processing. I guess there would only a few people interested in it since it is so specialized or particular. But I’ll think about it 🙂

  2. I can see clearly that you are having a great time with your photo creations! (insert silly laugh) I love this one too. Its so much fun to see how people interpret through photography. As far as thinking, yes I over think. I plan how I want to do something (usually while TRYING to fall asleep) in great and tedious detail. And somehow it never seems to follow that plan…

    As for your partying and being designated – we used to call it the “desecrated” driver.

    • Do you get any sleep in when you are so busy thinking at night time? I know that my other half used to have that problem, it seems to be improving.
      Yes, I actually do have a lot of fun just letting my fantasy wander in these pieces. I really love it.
      Being designated or desecrated or… it is good not to drink and drive! 🙂

  3. I too have stayed up way too late on Skype!!! A friend in Toronto, a friend in Boston — and we are all the same time zone!! LOL
    Migraines are the worst, but I have found that since having kids; mine have really decreased. I can get regular headaches still – but I just take a couple of Tylenol and drink lots of water for and back at it. But my migraines typically lasted 3 days and nothing would lessen them.
    But thinking doesn’t give me a headache per say — it just gets me really anxious and/or jumpy. because if I let it go too far; I can’t sort anything out any more. It’s not so much thinking about decisions, or worrying; it is just a lot of Thoughts!
    Love the picture and that song is one of my very favourite feel good songs too. The image goes perfect. I think you have really found your “look” with this recent art. It’s so unique.

    • Yep, migraines are the worst, unlike normal headaches not treatable, I agree. Less migraines, another thing why you love having kids, right?! 😉
      I know what you mean with thinking so much it really, really riles you up and then turning in circles and unable to stop – I am fairly good at avoiding that last stage…
      You know, this picture style is actually less unique than you may think. It is just the choices we make, the websites we click on, we end up seeing those choices. But it is certainly something I’ll continue to explore

  4. Gahhh, how can you not like reggae? I love it! (j/k. I know not everyone likes the same things everyone else likes)

    That’s a great song, and gorgeous photo!

    • Hmmm, I – just – can….? Seriously I never really liked it and then that song ‘red, red wine’ came along and it just totally killed it, that whiny, whimsy – blaaaah – don’t like it. But as you say, it is a good thing we do not all like exactly the same thing. That would really be a horror scenario.

  5. I love this image. I feel crappy today and it actually makes me feel better, if that makes sense. A lot of depth and possibility. I needed that.
    I rarely get headaches but I think they’re all stress/sinus/tension ones and definitely from overusing my brain without giving it enough sleep and water.

    • That’s great to hear that my pic had a positive effect on you – thanks. And I hope that by now you are truly feeling better. Drinking water is actually very good advice to help ease any kind of headaches. It won’t make mine go away, but it helps.


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