Tales of a dragonfly



I pick thee – said the dragonfly

You are my leaf for now

My wings show battle marks galore

Yet, I get to fly high

Way up, looking down – at you



And now for the Friday Four Fill ins ~ here is from Hilary’s blog:feelingbeachiebutton 200x200


  1. Summer sun makes me feel happy.
  2.  I love wind and waves at the ocean
  3. When I’m stressed, I go very quiet, at some point, and try and resolve the problem
  4. My favorite smell in the world is see answer #2

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14 thoughts on “Tales of a dragonfly”

    • Everybody has to learn to deal with things their own way. And if this works for you and I – great!
      Thank you so much, Annie – I am glad we are both getting back on track (somewhat, in my case)

    • Oh yes, they are! I am sure I have got another dragonfly from the same day, but somehow I loved how this one was sitting on the same single leaf/branch/whatever and just kept coming back there.

  1. I love the sound, sight and smell of the ocean wind and waves. Or just water really because I can enjoy it just as much on our Canadian fresh water lakes.
    Love the dragon fly! I had one very pretty blue specimen sit on my toe for almost 30 minutes on our camping trip. the girls called him “bluie” and wanted to keep him as a pet to take home. LOL

  2. The photo is absolutely beautiful. I love the look of blue sky/green trees with a very good lens. It’s unmatched.
    I feel the same way about how I handle stress. And I’ll be seeing the ocean this week.

    • Thank you, Tamara. Yeah, bokeh has really started, not so long ago though, to grow on me immensely. So much so that – like here – I am trying to get the angle to show it off. And yes, there are better and worse lenses for it.
      Hope you will say ‘hello’ to the ocean for me. It’ll be a little while for me


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