Veterans Day 2011 Surfing @ Sandy Hook

Yesterday proofed to be the perfect day for wind- and kitesurfers – but, due to the chilly temperatures of around 50 °F + a mega windchill, only for the tough ones. At Sandy Hook it was blowing anywhere from 20 to 40 knots in gusts, averaging around 25 knots during the whole day. I vowed not to go windsurfing until my husband’s injury is healed (hopefully by spring!), so I did the next best thing and drove down to Sandy Hook to see if I could snap some photos. By the time I got there in the late afternoon, there were two windsurfers and one kitesurfer braving the elements. I decided to stay for a while and see if it was going to be a nice sunset. But, apart from some nice clouds, which will probably make for some good hdr photos, it was rather mediocre. However, there are a few shots with the surfers in there. Have a look at the attached pictures.

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