Windsurfing – finally!

Big YAY for vacation time! It is finally here. And as usual for us this time of year, we are spending a week at the Outer Banks. This time in Nags Head, where we stayed a couple of years ago – see my posts here and here.

Last Saturday we got up early, though we had packed most of our stuff, most importantly our windsurfing gear, into and onto the car Friday night, to make it to NC in the afternoon. After all, depending on where we go on OBX, it is an 8.5 – 10 hour drive. So we started at about 7 am and headed south. Drove from New Jersey through Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and arrived at our destination in North Carolina at 3.50 pm. Perfect! In time to pick up the key, for once not after hours, drop by the local supermarket, FoodLion, and then head towards our home for this week.

(as usual click on any photo to enlarge and click through them all – it might be worth it! ;))

Surfboards & bicycles loaded A rainy day of driving

Wet cotton

As usual we rented a house at the oceanfront, because a vacation at the ocean without having the sound of the waves is just a no-go. We both value it more than the convenience of a sound side house, which means no rigging and de-rigging of our windsurfing gear. Of course, we have priorities when we rent a house. 1) oceanfront 2) hi-speed internet and 3) outdoor hot tub – this house has it all. O.k. it is a little older and worn, but who cares when it has got all the important stuff. You just cannot beat the location and view!

Our houseHot tub with a view

Enjoying lifeA dull morning

Sunday was supposed to be windy, but – as nature does – it changed to ‘not so windy’. Which turned out to be perfect for David to test his healed hand and finally jump on his beloved windsurf board after a whole year. Yep, last October right here was the last time he went windsurfing. When we returned from our last vacation on OBX, hurricane Sandy hit and after that no windsurfing in NJ. Early this year when we went to Bonaire to start of our windsurfing season, he broke his hand – again no surfing. But now his hand has healed and he is back. And having fun as you can see! Monday and Tuesday we had – at times – more wind, but very, very gusty. Still, we both went windsurfing and had fun! Tomorrow I’ll show you the video, David took with his GoPro.

Windsurf gear almost ready to goWaterstarting still worksAlmost planing backHappy smile

We were windsurfing in the sound, but here are some of the ocean views. Including me in action getting a few close ups with my iPhone.

Close up result

In action catching waves on HD Angry ocean waves

Today is Wednesday, so still a few days to go here in Nags Head. Hopefully I’ll also get some more photo opportunities. This post is part of our Sisterhood blog circle. I am sure you will enjoy reading the new post by Kay Maguire.


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8 thoughts on “Windsurfing – finally!”

  1. Beautiful views. I’d like to take a vacation like that – maybe without the windsurfing so, I may injure myself. I like that the house is a “typical” beach house – down here, I’m sorry to say, a lot of beachfront property are now these hideous huge McMansions. I much prefer the older building style. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    • I guess you could injure yourself doing just about anything (or nothing), but windsurfing is really not a ‘dangerous’ sport. Yes, the beach houses here, for the most part, are really beach houses, but most of them are huge.

  2. Gorgeous. Did you wave to me as you passed through Virginia? LOL Its been 15 years since I have been to Nags Head. Its such a simple peaceful place. So glad you got some windsurfing in! Enjoy and relax. You both deserve it!


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