WIP (#2) manga drawing from sketch to color

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Great to have you pop over. This month I participate in Art Every Day Month and also in NaBloPoMo – wish me luck!

November 5th

NaBloPoMo’s writing prompt for today is: … Guess what? There is none. I guess the NaBloPoMo people are leaving weekends completely to our own imagination. Maybe I should have read a beginner’s guide first.

Off to Daily Prompts – there word today is ‘Hyperbole’ ?!*?? Something must be wrong with me this morning, or in general? I have got no idea what that is. Off to Wikipedia, here we go:

 exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally

Which makes me think of metaphor, however hyperbole has a humorous effect created by an overstatement. I am sure all you writers and teachers out there knew that, not me. Time to resort to my kind of art. AEDM and sARTurday – yay!

So, a couple of days ago I showed you a WIP. A sketch of a little manga girl panel. The idea was to post it a couple of days later inked. Weeeell, I didn’t take into account the perfectionist in me. First of all, from the beginning her face, most especially her eye had bothered me, so I changed it. Also, I wanted the girl to be drawn as a chibi. Don’t know what a chibi is? Check here and keep in mind there are versions from barely chibi to exaggerated chibi.

After lengthy discussions with my manga/anime adviser a.k.a. hubby David I then erased the girl’s body completely and started it from scratch. Shorter, wider, completely different proportions. Oh, and I also changed the mouth. I decided to put the changes together in Photoshop in a gif and the (final) inked version below. Over the weekend I will be adding more detail to this and color it. *update* turns out that the gif doesn’t work due to some added code with the theme. Until I get it to work I’ll post the individual steps as a slideshow*update*

Unless, of course, the perfectionist strikes again and sees something that needs to be changed.

Have a great weekend and if you’re in the US enjoy the added hour of sleep!




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

WIP 2) Changing the sketch and adding ink

Created completely on my iPad Pro with ProCreate

manga, drawing, ink


12 thoughts on “WIP (#2) manga drawing from sketch to color”

  1. Perfect example of a hyperbole in my daily life: “I’ve told you kids a MILLION times….”
    Although often it quite literally feels like I’ve said something a million times. LOL
    I like the changes you did – I can see the eye now that you’ve changed it, the edit is much better. And more in keeping with that Chibi example you provided. My kids wanted to know if she was visiting Smurf Village – LOL – which made them hugely excited. ha I guess that is their only reference for mushroom homes. 🙂

  2. For the first time in days, I’ve been able to leave a comment in the normal way.

    Looks like I’m a chibi. I always tell people no short jokes because I’ve heard them all my life. She’s a bit wider than me, and has a much bigger head. I will never get a big head, no matter how famous I get (LAUGH).

    Your chibi is adorable, and thanks for providing a link so I didn’t have to look the word up. I think I’d also have trouble relating to these word prompts you are given. Although I am familiar with the word hyperbole and definition, I would have trouble relating it to my life or finding any humorous retort.

  3. Always a work in progress … A Chibi is a cute name for little or smaller, but she is actually bigger in some ways than your original. All in all, she looks more real to me … as I doubt that most people are so skinny as your first drawing and her facial expression seems a little mischievous and fun. I like where you are going with this 🙂 Yes, give me the extra hour, but chances are, I will be awakened an hour earlier anyway as my furbaby alarm clocks don’t know anything about Central Standard time … they just know when it’s time for breakfast. Have a great week, Claudia and don’t give up on those word prompts … you may find your expanded vocabulary may trigger concepts that can be interpreted into your art … Just a thought 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. I am here! Life is a work in progress, and consequently, we all are. I think we all should strive to keep evolving and getting better. As for word prompts, I love them for my writing. Wishing you a beautiful week! Hugs.


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