Witch Game * update *

It has been one of these weeks. But luckily I have a hubby who likes to be creative, too. And we also have a creative project that we have been and are continuing to work on together. Our ‘witch game’. Initially we intended to have the game ready within four days, a long weekend. And we did, it was playable. But it was a far cry from being pretty. So, since then we have been working on it, quite a bit actually. David did a lot of stuff behind the scenes a.k.a. coding and he also did a lot of work in Photoshop Elements, animations and some drawing, while I did – basically some drawing. Anyways, since I had one of ‘those weeks’ I am now handing over to…. *drumroll*… hubby (or is it…. The Witch?).

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a month since our last post on the Witch of Darkmoor Forest. And what’s been happening to the witch in this time? Quite a lot actually. We’ve honestly been afraid to tell you all, for fear she would turn us both into frogs. Witches can be quite secretive, you know. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to risk revealing a few things. Her habitat now has added depth and richness. On the screenshot below you will note improvement to trees, background, and even the clouds in the sky.


She had mentioned that she was getting a little bored, and needed places to go and people (er, I mean creatures) to see. So in addition to larger overall maps, the landscape is now dotted with abandoned huts to explore. Speaking of maps, the haunted forest is now much more haunted and gloomy. It’s always midnight in this area, although she has developed a few tricks to help her navigate the darkness.


And finally, as we work with her on this project, we’ve been finding out about her story. Why is she here? What are her motives? What quests does she intend to complete? We dare not reveal all (see former note about the frog transformation risk), but we should be able to slip a few clues into the game, so that the astute player should be able to figure it out.

Are you that ‘astute player’? We are not quite ready yet, to release the alpha, beta, gamma version, but we are getting very, very close. Let us know!

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claudia3 & David

18 thoughts on “Witch Game * update *”

  1. Hallo David,
    here is a Blick in meine Küche! (First time, that YOU postet the article!)
    Hallo Claudia, Ihr seid sehr fleissig digital – und auch sonst, denke ich! Habt ein schönes Wochenende! P.

  2. Hi Claudia, how clever that you and your husband are creating a game together. Love artwork on it and the mystery behind the game. My son is learning coding at the moment and I had suggested that maybe he’d like to have a go at creating something of his own when he gets the hang of it.


  3. oh my gosh oh my gosh pick me pick me!!! I will willing risk frog makeover to play!!! LOL
    It is looking so fantastic guys. You are awesome and a great team. I bet my girls would love exploring this world too. I love that you promote different ways to be creative, and that “Art” doesn’t have to be a limitless thing. It’s been bitter cold this week – a week I wanted to get out with my camera. If even loaded up my bird feeder with fresh seed hoping to catch a shot of a hungry chickadee. But the cold seems to be keeping all creatures indoors! Ha. So… I let my creativity out in other ways, and it almost feels as good. 🙂

    • What do you mean ‘pick me’?! Of course, you are going to be the first one to get it. Of course, we expect feedback in return. You wouldn’t believe how much we changed yesterday. Little enhancements, but a lot of them and all together it looks a lot better than on the photos here. It really is an interesting process.
      Oh, yes, it is soooo cold. Seems like our heating is on all the time. Right now I am actually waiting for it to kick in, as I am sitting close to the window and can feel the cold creeping towards me – brrrrh. I hope you get to get some shots of birds around your feeder.

  4. I love that you guys are working on this together and have kept working on it. Such neat idea. If you need beta testers, I have some very savvy kids who love to play computer games. 😉

  5. Oh how cool. I would love to be a Beta! Darkness and witches–what fun. You have a new fan–now I just need to figure how to follow! xo


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