Working from home and baking? Part II May / June

And so, like the rest of us, I adapted. All or most of us have adapted to this new ‘normal’. So much so that it will be hard to go back to working in the actual office again when the time comes. I bet there’ll be quite a few companies that will be staying remote after the past months’ experience.

But – let’s continue with my little world. Late April, early May I was able to infuse the insane work routine of previous weeks with some ‘me’ time. First I almost forced myself to sit down in my CC a.k.a. Creative Corner of our house. Despite an open-living space my three desks are separated from each other – thankfully. My CC, my personal computer desk and my current work station, situated in our kitchen / dining area. But with a view to the backyard.

During those ‘me’ times I sometimes doodled for a few minutes, other times I worked in watercolor or followed an online course. And sometimes I simply sat there looking out the window watching the trees, leaves swaying in the wind, birds flying, chirping while the neighbor’s cat warily strolled past. Add to that all those squirrels and their young ones play chase, jumping from branch to branch, the crickets and the occasional groundhog, fox and turkey and one could almost forget that we live in a suburban townhouse complex.

I don’t think I mentioned yet that not too long ago, but definitely after the big hype caused by the lock down and shortages had cooled down, I got into sourdough baking – big time! I had done it as a teenager and, let’s be honest, as a German the basic plain ol’ American supermarket bread just tastes bad. Apologies if I offended anyone. I guess if you grew up with it… But I didn’t. So I started from scratch making my own sourdough starter.

Please meet Lazy Joe, which by now isn’t that lazy anymore and jumped out of his home a.k.a. jar a few times already, making quite the mess.

Sourdough starter

There has been a lot (!) of trial and error with quite a few unintentional flatbreads, but while they may not have looked perfect, they all tasted pretty darn’ good. Below you can see a few of them and by now, about 2.5 months later I dare say that I finally have my basic recipe down, creating consistently nicely risen and with just the right amount of sour bread for us to enjoy every day.

And on that note I I think will leave you for today. Have a great evening and almost – happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Working from home and baking? Part II May / June”

  1. Omg. Looks soooo yummy. I know exactly what you mean by the super market bread here. It’s probably one of the things I miss most from Germany. I haven’t gotten into the sour dough craze yet but may give it a go one of these days.

  2. I grew up mostly with my grandma’s homemade bread so I definitely get what you mean about store bread. I try to buy from the bakery department when I can… but kids – ugh, they love their Wonder lol. These look absolutely delicious!! I spent a few months perfecting the Irish soda bread recipes and while they also didn’t always look perfect, they tasted great. And I’m so hungry right now lol.


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