Bonaire Vacation with Obstacles


es, it is Bonaire vacation time again. _DSC1241Ever since we spent our sabbatical here two years ago, we have come back every winter to enjoy a break from the cold in New Jersey. I know it is no longer winter, but we couldn’t go earlier this year, because of my new job. I’ll count this as the first slight obstacle, not really a bad one though. Going on a Bonaire vacation means spending almost all of our time windsurfing. As you can see from this 1st graph Bonaire is usually a very safe bet from January to July. However, we were ‘lucky’ enough to have the one week with hardly any wind – see 2nd graph for this week, which should really be above the 20 mph line – sigh.

windfinder windalert

Oh well, Bonaire vacation is not all about windsurfing. In the US it is actually mostly known for diving, being surrounded by a reef with various spots and even a shipwreck. We are not into diving, but a lot of those spots are also accessible for snorkeling. Since we knew the forecast before we left, we packed all our snorkel gear and were ready to enjoy some time in the lovely ocean waters surrounding Bonaire.

But we did not take into account the sudden clumsiness of my dear husband. When we arrived on Bonaire it was 4.30 am, obviously still dark. We picked up our car and drove to Sorobon Beach. Found our chalet alright, but David managed to whack his hand against the corner of a cabinet. And that was that.

DavidCast The hand became puffy and all swollen, so after we got up and had breakfast we drove into Kralendijk to the local hospital. There we spent about 3 hours waiting for a doctor to see David, spent less than 5 minutes with him, before being sent to get x-rays taken. That took us another two hours. This may sound awful and in all reality it was very long and boring, but everybody we talked to was very helpful. They took extremely good care of David. Since it was the weekend the radiologist actually was at home, but she came in to take the x-rays. Same with an another specialist who came in to have a look at the hand. In the end it was put in an open cast and we were to come back on Tuesday to see an orthopedic specialist to find out WILLISON,DAVID.Ser1652if screws or pins were needed to fix the spiral fracture. So, yesterday, though we had an appointment we spent another 3 hours waiting before we could see the specialist. He confirmed that the hand did not need surgery or screws or pins, but recommended a real cast once we get home. So, more doctor appointments waiting for us when we get back. Not sure if David can even drive his stickshift, since it is his right (dominant) hand that is broken. Tying a tie?! Oh oh – 5 interesting weeks are lying ahead of us.

What does it mean for our Bonaire vacation? Obviously also no snorkeling. At least for David. What else is there to do? Not much really. Yes, sunbathing, but that is not our cup of tea. It is watersports we want to enjoy on the island. While I can and have already gone snorkeling, it is just not the same without David. I also took a few photos already, not too many, basically while we were waiting for the doctor. Today I might go on another photo trip, we’ll see… I am feeling somewhat uninspired by this plight, this year’s Bonaire vacation with obstacles.

Here are some more Bonaire / Kralendijk impressions for you to enjoy.

_DSC1486 _DSC1242 _DSC1235 _DSC1231

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10 thoughts on “Bonaire Vacation with Obstacles”

  1. Looks gorgeous where you are! Taking a break from the everyday is always a good idea…we here in North America need to do way more of it!

    Popping over from the EBT…

  2. Claudia, sorry to hear about David’s hand. Hope it’ll heal quickly and won’t give him too much trouble. It’s a real bummer that it happened right at the beginning of your vacation. My father in law goes to Bonaire to dive a few times a year. He loves it down there.

    • Hahaha – not that it’s really funny, but – yeah – you just made me laugh, Jamie. Because you are right! Not that ‘like” to damage our hands, but it seems like we keep doing it 😉


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