2014 | Tuesday Coffee Chat

coffeechat-2Leslie from over at Time out for Mom asked the question for her coffee chat today: What is the one thing you will do differently in 2014? Simple answer, I will continue working on getting back to being organized at home again.

20131228-007Last year after getting the new full time job it was a little iffy at the beginning. But with David’s help, I got it going not so bad and I even continued doing my – almost – every day jogging, which did me and my waistline a lot of good.

But then, with that dreaded Lyme disease ‘attack’ late summer – it seems like everything came to a halt. Being me it took a while to go to the doctors to get myself checked out. And then it took them a while to figure it out, because Lyme is not easily diagnosed. It also didn’t help that I had a couple of vitamin deficiencies – oh well. Anyways, it took two rounds of yummy antibiotics, which made me sick every morning I took them, over the course of three months (you always have to have a couple of weeks or so in between to have your blood checked again), but now I – hopefully – got rid of it. I think I did, because 1) the doctor’s office did not call after my last blood test and 2) I am not feeling as tired anymore.

Which brings me back to what I am going to do differently this year. I will go back to where I was early summer last year. Getting up early, going to work out. If I cannot do that in the morning, do it at night. And I will keep my blog and website alive. I already started my photo project 365 – find it here – and I need to get my portfolio back online. And that’s it. That is what I will be doing. I realize that it is actually not that much different to last year, but – it needs to be done.

So, there you have it. Now my confession is out in the blogosphere and I am going to stick with it! And now on to some pictures. Coffee pictures, naturally!

 20121219-015 20121219-020

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14 thoughts on “2014 | Tuesday Coffee Chat”

    • Thank you so much, Judy. It was rather tough to be honest, as I have never been really sick before. Yes, a cold or flu, also a broken bone or two, but not sick. Not knowing how bad it was and if we caught it in time… Oh well, I really think that I am good now.

    • I never used to be a morning person either. And to tell the truth it is easy to slip back into the habit of getting up late and staying up late. But that’s just what it is: A habit. And I have started to going back to the early morning habit 😉 It helps that I still remember how much I loved it to come home in the morning from jogging and being full of energy.

  1. Cool pics! Coffee beans and a mug make for a great photo. I am so glad you’re feeling better. It always surprises me to learn that someone has gotten Lyme’s disease. Do you remember a tick getting on you? Knock on wood, but I haven’t had a tick on me in years.I remember when I was a kid just about every summer one would nestle itself inside my ear. That’s just what happens when you have mountains to climb and fields to tramp through when you’re little. Sometimes that happens when you’re not so little, too, eh? I can’t wait to see all of your pictures in 2014!

    • Exactly, most people do it when they’re little, unless… they’re a photographer! Hahaha – yep, I have a pretty good clue when and where I got it and which picture I shot! Not that I felt or actually saw the tick, but the timing of the rash and itch made it pretty clear. It certainly taught me to check myself (!) after I have been in tall grass or woods 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so paranoid about Lyme Disease – that’s from when the tick bites right?? because we do so much camping in the woods during the summer. I’m like in the tent at night checking all the kids with a flashlight. crazy mama.
    So glad to know that you are feeling better though.
    One of my “resolves” this year has been to organize the house too. I actually started in September, because all the kids were in school and thus I had more time. I’ve actually done quite a bit, but it’s something I will continue on this new year too.
    As for fitness – that will have to wait until I am feeling better again. Then, new plan.

    Oh….I want that coffee. I can’t drink coffee when I am sick. I switch to tea with honey. I haven’t had a coffee since Christmas.
    It looks sooooo good! 🙂

    • Good on ya! Yes, check your kids, hubby and yourself when you’re camping – all the time! I remember friends in Germany doing that when they came back from horseback riding out in the woods. But, as I told Cathy, it happened while taking photos. I was walking, crawling whatever through tall grass to get the perfect shot. I am sure that’s when it happened.
      I need to be organized to be able to work out, too. I cannot stand it to do something fun if it is too unorganized. You will get there once you got rid of that nasty flu. And then you can also drink coffee again. I am the same, coffee just does not taste good when you’re having a cold 😉
      p.s. no coffee since Christmas?! Are you having withdrawal symptoms – LOL

  3. Claudia, I really like your coffee photos – make me feel its taste and smell…
    Also, I am glad you got over these symptoms of the lime disease, which as I know can be very persistent and harmful. Health cannot be appreciated too much. I hope that it will not be too hard for you to stick to your plans for 2014.

    • Thank you, Michael 🙂 Yeah, that Lyme diagnosis was a little scary at times. I still have to go back to the doc for a final check in a few weeks (just before Bonaire), but I feel pretty much normal, so I think that the last round of antibiotics did it. Yep, health is one thing that is always big in our books, as you know. I will definitely try and stick to my plans and if you stick around 😉 you will find out – hahaha

  4. I’ve also resolved to get healthy and I’m using my blog to hold me accountable and it’s really working! I’m both ensuring I stay active in the blogosphere but I’m motivating myself (and others) to get fit!


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