Alphabe- Thursday ~ ‘J’

Jenny Matlock My second go at round 5 of Alphabe- Thursday hosted by Jenny Matlock. If you have a moment please visit her website and check out her ‘terrific tangents’.

This week’s letter is ‘J‘.

And what did I do just this morning? Right, I got out of bed, still tired, got a cup of coffee after briefly going through the usual morning bathroom routine, put on some clothes, checked my email real (!) quick and then went for a jog. David, my husband, actually calls it a ‘jiggy-jog‘, because I am jogging for a few minutes, then walking for one minute and then jogging again.

Whippany, NJ, New JerseyI have never been much into running. At school I was pretty good at it, but I did not like it. I preferred playing games, like volleyball. But somehow last year on Bonaire we jiggy-jogged together and it kind of stuck. Last summer with all the moving I did not do it too much, but this year since the weather got a little warmer I have been jogging here in Whippany on the sidewalks about three or four times a week, sometimes also doing a little biathlon. Taking my bicycle and riding it to Central Park (Whippany/Hanover not New York City!), jogging a couple of rounds there and then bicycling back. It really is fun. I am doing this pretty slowly in order not to upset my aging body (i.e. shin splints), but – hey – nobody is pushing me, right? I can do this at my own pace. Usually I am rewarding myself a little, too. Because I am always taking my smartphone, I also have a Whippany Road, New Jerseycamera with me. And when I am doing the walking part and I see something interesting, I take a photo. This is actually how or when I take most of my instagram photos (I was talking about it last week for letter ‘I’). You can find them here on my blog on Wordless Wednesdays .

Central Park, Whippany, New JerseyIt is an all win situation for me: I am getting outside into the (mostly) fresh air, doing a workout to keep my body (mostly) healthy and I am pursuing my passion, (100 %) photography.

Right now, without jogging something would be missing.

16 thoughts on “Alphabe- Thursday ~ ‘J’”

  1. Actually, your jiggy-jogged is a good buster up of activity I’ve read as far as running goes. I guess this is why I like aerobics/strengthen training combo. It breaks the routine while providing the most punch to my workout. The important thing is this is what you like and you do it consistently. Keep it up!

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    • I so agree with you, Cathy. I just had a bicycle ride with my husband and we were talking about workouts and I said that for me the most important part is that it is fun. As soon as it is no fun anymore, for whatever reason, I stop.

  2. Jog-jiggy! I love it. If I jogged I think my knew would turn to junky jelly. So, I will aim for that jiggy part and take my iphone along to snap some photos. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • Do it! It doesn’t matter how much or how little, most important is that you enjoy and stay healthy. But if it gets your butt (Please excuse my language!) moving all the better, right?!

    • Seriously? Rain? We had possibly the longest stretch of beautiful summer weather. I mean, it can get really humid here in NJ, but it was not. It was just warm or hot and really nice. Hmm, although sometimes in the morning, when I got jiggy-jogging, it was still humid from the night. Makes for an even sweatier workout – lol.

  3. that’s great that you go out and exercise when you want to. I always forget to take my phone (camera) with me, when I go out for a walk (no running for me!) Nice street scenes ; you really captured the depth – or is it length – nicely {:-Deb

    • Thanks, Deb, for mentioning the photos. These are really more documentary i.e. where I am jiggy-jogging, but the angle and lines make them work. Yeah, it is working out great at the moment, because right now as a photographer I am working from home. So, early in the morning I can start the day with… jiggy-joggin 🙂


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