An early winter in New Jersey

Were you also unfortunate enough to be in New Jersey this weekend and experience a very early winter? In October? Since we only moved here at the beginning of summer, this was my first early winter storm. It started pretty harmless with some rain and drizzle on Saturday morning. But later that morning the same rain turned snow. I thought it would be a good idea to do the necessary grocery shopping early, so I went for a little drive to Madison via Florham Park and back. Not such a good idea, in the end I was very happy to be back home after some detours and delays due to fallen trees blocking roads. It was a matter of driving, watching the road AND the trees looming over the roads. Unfortunately quite a few trees came down and with it the power. We did not have power on Saturday between about 2.30 pm and 9.30 pm. But I consider ourselves to be lucky, because there are communities that are still waiting for it to come back on. In any case, so much snow obviously also bore the chance of taking a few pictures. Not the kind of nice and sunny winter photos you know, it was still snowing. But I was pretty impressed with the conditions, so I happily snapped away. Have a look (click to open).


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