The Great Birthday Mystery

I wanted to tell you about the great birthday mystery.

My last birthday was a big one (50), and Claudia managed to surprise me in a big way. She told me only that I shouldn’t plan anything on a certain week in June, and that was about it. Then we incidentally had a trip to Toronto that was supposed to be right before the big week. We’d been wanting to do it for a while so that I could meet up with a colleague of mine, an architect that I had worked with on a big project together – she had then been transferred from Houston to Toronto, and the three of us had been wanting to meet up.

So the plan was, Toronto for two days, Claudia had a couple business meetings to take care of, then the three of us would meet in Toronto for lunch, then fly back, and go “somewhere” the following week.

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Fantastic Fanfare about Fan Art?

Although, I don’t do it often, creating fan art, like Black Widow, Scarlett Johannson, above can be a special challenge. I usually google images to use for reference – see the photo here – my iPad Pro is my trusty companion both for drawing on it as well as showing images while I’m drawing on paper. Or just to have a little distraction going in form of a stream or video or simply music.

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