BBQ German Style

Michael, Tina, Peti and Dan, master of the grill. Catha is missing and Sigi joined us later. What a wonderful evening that lasted into the wee hours. True friends are simply wonderful. Thank you.

And this is the ‘German Style’: Meat & Sausages, there was lots of salad and veggies, too. And wine, and beer.

8 thoughts on “BBQ German Style”

  1. I see BRATS!! OMG there was nothing so good as getting a brat, a roll and some mustard from the brat carts on the streets. I miss those. Can’t make them to taste even close here.

  2. A pleasure hosting you and the others!
    Happy you made it and no worries I’m missing on the picture – Linus made it, so 50% of the family is presented 😉
    Missing you and David here even more…..

    • Aww, Catha, thanks again. I cannot thank you enough. It was such a wonderful evening. And breakfast. And how could I not mention Linus… almost unforgivable.
      Don’t worry, sooner or later, you’ll have us both 🙂

    • Hmmm, somehow, Les, I think you are currently having something very similar on your vacation, right?! But it was very, very yummy. And the company, except for missing David, was awesome!

  3. We have had a wonderful summer evening with delicious food and wine. I really enjoyed meeting you and your friends! Thank you for taking the initiative to bring us all together! Many thanks also to Catha & Dan for their hospitality and the perfect setting!

    • We really got so lucky with the weather. Did you get any rain on your way back? It started to rain a little later on. But it was such a nice evening… Thank you so much for making the effort to drive all the way!


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