Blooms, a butterfly and Arnie – iPhone style

The other day, in an effort to get out and moving more, I spent my lunch break in the arboretum. During the hot weather I had a nice walk shaded under the big trees. On my way back to the care I passed some flower beds with these big pick echinacea blooms and the big butterfly doing his business. It was quite windy, as you may see on the video that I took. All stills and video were taken with and edited on my iPhone.

It was a wonderful way to spend the lunch break.
yellow butterfly
echinacea + butterfly

The past week was pretty much a blur of work,drawing, sketch month end, travel to Toronto, delayed flights, traffic jams and rushed dinners. In between I found time for a quick sketch of… Arnie. Hahaha – I know, right?! What the … Well, we were watching an anime and a new character appeared, all beefed up and he reminded us of Arnie.

I sketch a lot after watching something adn just before going to bed, so with Arnie still fresh on my mind I googled an image of him in a body builder pose – et voila!

Happy weekend and cheers,


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29 thoughts on “Blooms, a butterfly and Arnie – iPhone style”

  1. I amI am so upset I cannot get the video to work. I keep trying to no avail. It is a real bummer. But your flowers…and that butterfly…wow are they gorgeous. Beautiful captures. The vivid colors are really a knock out. genie

  2. Butterfly fascinating — seemed as though a small bug or something flew from the left onto its back. ??? Oh, Arnie. When he ran for Ca governor, the Chronicle ran so many old photos of him in that pose that I started to gag every time I saw one. His reputation as a groper was revealed, including by unwilling young women on movie sets who had been afraid of losing their jobs if they reacted negatively. He was a ‘private’ governor: people in the capitol never knew his schedule or where he was. But it is fun to watch a sketch being created before my eyes. This version of Arnie didn’t make me gag. Thanks!

  3. Hi Claudia, beautiful photos, and taken on a phone too! My fav is the second one down with the the butterfly and flowers in clear view. What a great place to spend a lunch time!… Love Arnie too, a proper beefcake!


  4. When I saw your name on Sunday Sketches from England this morning I went back and this time I got the video to play. It is awesome. You did a fabulous job. The macro ability of the video was wonderful. So glad I got to see it. genie

  5. You’ve captured some amazingly beautiful images there. The detail are incredible… I had no idea that an iPhone could do such things.
    A perfect way to spend a lunch break. Fantastic video and Arnie looks a fine specimen too. (hehe) Thank you for sharing.

  6. So So beautiful!!! That butterfly video – that would be so cool to see in slow motion too – you got so close to it!! I love those purple flowers – my own have just started to bloom.
    Ha – love Arnie!! He looks a wee bit like Captain America. heehee.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous way to spend your lunch break. I get to sit a noisy cafeteria with about 200 screaming campers or in my lab with grumpy teachers. Definitely not as relaxing or fun as your lunch break. Love the butterflies. That’s always one of my photography goals – to snap that perfect butterfly shot.

  8. Qqauch gorgeous photos! I love butterflies and closeup flower shots! My daughter and i were just at a butterfly conservatory, but we don’t have one near us so it was a one time trip.


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