Bonaire snorkeling

Our latest Bonaire vacation is already a week old, it is now Sunday afternoon, the weekend is almost over and it is time to finally show you some pictures, starting with Bonaire snorkeling. But how is it that the week after you return from vacation, work just seems to take over. Completely. Obviously it doesn’t help when it is the fiscal year end – bad planning, huh? But I am not complaining, neither about work, nor about the weekend almost being over. Because, despite not having blogged, I have done a lot of work in the background.

Before our vacation I had done a major upgrade of my computer, if you know me, you know how much I hate slow computers. And it wasn’t even that slow, but the files from the D800 are drawing a lot of processing power. And hard drive space. So, I upgraded. I am still a windows 7 user, but now in possession of a shiny white tower with, more importantly, even shinier innards. And whenever you upgrade there is the hassle of re-installing all drivers, programs and files. And that I have mostly accomplished yesterday. So much that I have transferred all photos and videos we took during our vacation on Bonaire.

While David volunteered to put together a video of the Bonaire snorkeling we did, I have roughly sorted through the photos in Lightroom. I have not really processed much yet, but David requested a handful of photos to take with him to have on a digital photo frame that he has at work and also as a screen saver/background on his phone. And that is where my afternoon went, editing that bunch of photos including this one I took one morning – do you see the moon?


Obviously I will show you more photos over the next few posts, but here is the first video. As you will see it was put together from several takes and you will notice big differences in them. They were all taken with the same camera (Nikon P7000), but on some of them we finally used the red or orange filter that I got together with the housing. And it makes a huge (!) difference, you will see. David tells me that he also adjusted some of the colors aka white balance in post, however since the camera was set on auto white balance, it changes during the clip depending on how the light falls into the lens. With other words – some colors may look a little too… something e.g. green. But I can assure you all the beautiful fish you are going to see are really that colorful. And like on his previous free dives David was again lucky enough to catch a couple of turtles on film – they are sooo cute, as well as a garfish and a barracuda. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Bonaire snorkeling”

  1. that is so amazing – I actually held my breath for a few seconds because it was like I was right there under the sea with you!!
    so amazing. that was my favourite thing to do when we were in Mexico. Our resort had this little enclosed bay area that you could snorkel in and there were so many fish. amazing. I could have stayed out there all day just snorkeling around.


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