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O.k., I just have to admit it: I am a bad wife. I must be, obviously. Want to know why? Simple, my dear husband has just self-published his second book. Yup, you heard that right, his second (!) one and I have not blogged about it even once. That’s right. 2 books, 0 blog posts = I am bad.

To make up for it, I am finally going to put the ImagesByCW-official-blog-word out about my husband: D. H. Willison is an awesome author. And a great husband, too. But I wanted to talk books today, not husband. Let’s save that for another time and venue.

Then again, speaking of time and venue, there is also a giveaway happening and it is going to end this Sunday at midnight EST. The grand prize is… a hardcover of Finding Your Harpy Place (said 2nd book) signed by the author. There’s also a paperback and an ebook version up for grabs. Read on (or scroll if you prefer to bypass my ramblings and pictures, but don’t miss out and enter the giveaway!) and you’ll see the details and how to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

I also highly recommend following David on Twitter (@dhwillison) and Instagram (@D.H.Willison) or Goodreads, Amazon, because by not doing so, you most likely already missed out on the 0.99$ sale he just did for his first book Harpyness Is Only Skin Deep. The sale ended on Wednesday. And this proves yet again that I am a bad wife, as I am blogging about it only after it has ended. Really start to wonder what kind of a wife I am… I know! I’m busy at work! That’s always a good excuse, right?

In all seriousness I am still as busy as I have been for the most part of this very special 2020. Which is not entirely bad, in fact, one could call it good, but it does tend to keep me from doing other things I enjoy. Anyhow, back to books and art.

Books and writing in itself is an art, which I am sure you agree and I don’t have to explain to you. When you add to it the ‘self-publishing’ part it quickly becomes a full-time job, well, actually more than one and it becomes overwhelming at times. Add that to 2020-anxiety and… yeah, let’s not go there.

But then there is book cover art, which is more my own kind of creativity. But thankfully David commissioned the book covers to Stefanie Dworschak, who is an amazing digital artist from my home country of Germany. David ‘met’ her on DeviantArt and after beta-reading his 1st novel Steffi agreed to work on the cover art. And look at it, isn’t it gorgeous? Steffi did an outstanding job. And for those who know David you can imagine how many different iterations and changes and you-name-it they worked through, before settling on the final version. Steffi – I applaud you for your skill and your patience!

Instead of sharing a blurb with you I thought instead to post the whole book covers, big enough for you to read if you click on themto enlarge them.

But you know what? In the second book you will even find a tiny little bit of art by yours truly. A map of a part of Arvia and a critter, a lynworm, both in ink. Find them, tell the me page and that’s the giveaway! No, it is not, sorry, all you get is brownie points.

This is the giveaway! Justine of Whispers&Wonder organized a booktour for us on Instagram and bloggers joined in too. Part of this tour is the giveaway. You will find the details here in Justine’s introductory post. To directly get there, please click here, scroll to the bottom and enter the giveaway. Psssst – weirdly enough there aren’t that many entrants yet, so do it, I want you to get this awesome hardcover. You. And nobody else!

5 thoughts on “Books and Art”

  1. Yay, I am so excited and happy for your hubby! How fun to have two books under his belt! The art is stunning, thanks for sharing. Here is to a fantastic day my friend.

  2. Such a treat to find your Images blog in my email–it’s a gift that I can’t wait to open, a jewel among the mundane emails from various companies and individuals. I want to comment, but I have to wait to see it on the computer instead of postage-stamp pictures on my iPhone. This one was fun to read and awe-inspiring to see those pictures. So nice that your lindworm drawing is in the book, a beautiful drawing. The name reminds me of a fave place to drop in and eat when we were in Munich: Lindwurmstueberl. Of course, when dealing with a lindworm in Finding Your Harpy Place, the creature would be doing the eating. Voraciously.

  3. I’m a bad reader! I’ve had such a stack of authors to get through this year (and one dodgy email system where I just retrieved many messages from a junk folder!) that I’m just getting to the second book now. Looking forward to diving in and seeing the next adventures of Darin and Rinloh. The art is amazing and perfect for the story.


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