Brave Ice Statues


s you know I took a quick visit to Sandy Hook this week. I had not been to the beach in quite a bit and I cannot miss out on an opportunity to see the ocean. Plus I wanted to have a look at the beach, where we usually go windsurfing, just not in winter. I had seen so many pretty photos from up north by the Great Lakes when they are frozen. But I had never seen anything similar myself. So, I drove over the bridge leading to Sandy Hook and was already in awe of what I saw. The whole bay was frozen.

This resulted in a lot of photos, so you will most likely have to brave some more in the near future. It was such a sight – the west side of the island was covered in a thick coat of ice. All the plants that were brave enough to grow and survive some pretty harsh winds there, now had to withstand being in something like a cryogenic state. Just look at the picture below of that tree, bent in the direction of the predominant winds and now – covered in ice.

I might add that I felt pretty brave walking up to all these ice statues to take pictures. Not everybody was as brave. I saw quite a few visitors snapping a photo or two from within their cars. Not me, I braved the fierce wind in freezing temperature. I guess I am lucky I did not end up like one of the trees!

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Linking my ice statues with the other braves over at Kathy’s of YoullShootYourEyeOut for her Song-ography

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8 thoughts on “Brave Ice Statues”

  1. oh my…just look what mother nature has created! It looks like our sub zero weather headed your way…sorry! I was born and raised in new jersey and just love when I see photos …

    • Hi Nancy, we sure did have it very cold for quite a while. I am glad that it got back to somewhat normal winter temperatures. With a day of spring in between 😉 You can be sure to find lots of New Jersey photos on my site anytime. Oh, and NYC.

  2. You’ve proven that with great risks, comes great rewards…a truly amazing and beautiful photograph that wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t shown more bravery than the average person. I live in Philly and am a regular visitor to the shore..yet have NEVER visiting during the winter. After seeing your post…I might have to change that :). Thanks for joining in on Song-ography this week. Hope to see you again! 🙂

    • Oh, the risk wasn’t that great really, but it was funny to watch the others in their cars and me being out there 😉 I’d wait with my visit to the shore until we had some freezing temperatures again. Without the ice the shore and ocean are still beautiful, however things to photograph are a little scarce.

  3. mother nature really is a remarkable artist. So beautiful.
    I wonder what our bay looks like right now. I’ll have to take a peek sometime this week.
    be careful out there on those ice places!

    • Oh yes, she is! Be in the right place at the right time and – click. Nothing more to do. I guess you will just be happy when you can go outside again and finally leave the sickness behind you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that.


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