Christmas 2012


oday is Christmas Day 2012. Following German tradition David and I already celebrated i.e. exchanged our presents yesterday evening. Not under the Christmas tree, since we decided not to have one this year, but ‘under’ our traditional German Christmas pyramid. Later that evening I realized that it had started to snow and everything was already white. Obviously I could not pass that opportunity to try out my new babies (camera and lens) that Santa a.k.a. my lovely husband brought me. At 11 pm with a ridiculous ISO setting of 6400 I snapped the outside pictures of the already melting snow. This morning almost all of the snow is gone already. David thinks there might be a little more. I hope certainly hope so, because I’d like to take some daylight pictures, too. Today we’ll be relaxing until in the afternoon I will start cooking our Christmas turkey. And then we’ll really relax! I hope you will have some time to do that as well and spend quality with your loved ones.

With a collage of yesterday’s photos here is to all my readers:

Have a merry Christmas 2012!


Christmas, 2012, collage, snow


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3 thoughts on “Christmas 2012”

  1. Turkey sounds great – I remember the delicious turkey, which we enjoyed at your house back in October. We had turkey at my parents’ house today as well. I envy you for the snow – Bavaria has the warmest Christmas since the recordings started. Merry Christmas to you and David!


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