Computer upgrade

It is ‘tinkering’ time a.k.a. upgrading time. Hope to see you again on the other side…

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4 thoughts on “Computer upgrade”

  1. that is all greek to me. I am so glad hubby bought me a laptop. I have no idea what the components are, RAM, Intel…blah blah blah to me. All I know is that I LOVE it when it works, and I hand it to him when it doesn’t. LOL
    I am so not a tech person – I keep learning more and more, but I don’t think we will ever be close friends.
    I am so impressed if you do this all yourself!

    • I like my laptop, too. But for my kind of processing files (talking huge files) I would get a fit doing those on a (comparably) slow laptop. Plus there’s the screen, but I guess you could just attach a good one to a laptop as well.
      You know I do actually enjoy doing this kind of stuff. Even though, right now, I am asking myself, why?! It is still not working, it is playing up, maybe the motherboard, maybe… something else. Oh well. It will get fixed. And it shall be upgraded! 😉

  2. She walked into the room and saw all the new gadgets. She overcame her initial reaction to run screaming into the night. After all, it was already daylight.

    I know you will have a blast playing with all of that! 🙂

    • Hahaha – thanks for the smiles, Debbi! Indeed, new gadgets – they all found their way into a -new- tower, but now it won’t work. Sounds familiar?! Sooner or later it will get sorted out, but it seems to be a pretty hideous problem. Oh well… Bad thing is – now the weekend is over and I have done nothing, but – that.


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