4 thoughts on “Day 51 – Roadtrip I”

    • Good eyes, Debbi. It is slightly deeper and most likely not as sandy as our windsurfing bay. Plus, it might actually be slightly brackish water, since it is a lagoon being also filled by rain water (during rainy season) and only somewhat exchanged with ocean water over time through that opening.

  1. I really like the view of this one. I have a thing for driftwood and designated the hubby’s bathroom as my “beach” themed room.
    I have a piece of driftwood that an artist in Halifax painted an ocean scene on, and seashells, and the walls are painted an ocean sky blue. Your picture captures exactly that beach ocean view I was thinking of.

    • Yes, you told me about the bathroom theme before, so it is finished now? Sounds like a fantabulous room. Driftwood has something about it – I can understand you being drawn to it. This log here was really something. I also took a shot with my big camera, so that should turn out a little better 🙂


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