Delaware Water Gap & Brooklyn Bridge

The second and final weekend of my nieces’ visit was here. Day #8 – our plan was to try again to go kayaking the Delaware Water Gap, weather permitting. So, the first thing we did was to check the forecast. While it still not showed sunny and warm, it was supposed to stay dry, which was good enough for us. We wanted to go!

Delaware Water Gap, kayakAfter we had breakfast we packed our things and went for an hours drive up to Delaware Water Gap. There are several places renting out canoes and kayaks and we chose this one: Edge of the Woods Outfitter – and a good choice it was. Delaware Water Gap, kayakSmall family owned shop (with a cuddly family dog) , people who know and love what they are doing, very friendly and helpful. They even waited for us, while we were getting lunch Delaware Water Gap, clouds, mirror, calmsandwiches to go from the local bakery. Then we followed them by car to the Smithfield beach, where we left frog, close uptuffie and were driven upriver to our starting point. Sorry, I forgot the name, but we took the 10-mile-tour. It was supposed to take us 4 hours of leisurely paddling. I assume it takes this long if you let your kayak drift all the time or have lots of breaks in between. We paddled and drifted and paddled and drifted, had lunch in the kayaks, because there were so many mosquitoes on land and finished the trip after 3 hours. It was a great trip and we will most likely do it David, Delaware Water Gap, kayak, white water, cloudsagain. One thing we did not quite agree with was, the people at the renting place said that the water is very calm all the way. Well, while it did not rain, even though some of the clouds looked pretty scary, we got slightly wet, especially David, because there was one passage through some rougher water and a bigger waves swashed into our kayak – oh well. It was added fun, next time we go white water rafting.Delaware Water Gap, kayak, white water, clouds

We got home around six and Sonja, Sandra and I really wanted to go to New York City again. 1) Delaware Water Gap, kayak, fallen treeto see the sundown from Brooklyn Bridge and 2) to see the super full moon. But none of this was to happen because of the shitty weather. Though it was really quite nice Delaware Water Gap, lunch, on the water, kayakand warm during the afternoon while we were kayaking, gradually more and more clouds covered the sky. So that by the time we were home David, Delaware Water Gap, kayakeverything was grey and getting dark. Nevertheless we went to the City and made it onto the Brooklyn Bridge and got some nice views, cloudy, views. Not very good photos, because I did not bring my tripod, but I can always come back. Maybe next month for the full moon?Brooklyn Bridge, NYCBrooklyn Bridge, night, NYCBrooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, NYCBrooklyn Bridge, NYC skyline

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