Dew Drops on Flowers

Hello peeps, how are you? How was your weekend? Oh, you want to know how mine was? It.was.awesome! Well, at least until Sunday night, but let’s not talk about that. No, let’s start with Saturday. Relying on the weather forecast we decided that we should try for a bicycle ride. If you have followed my journey for a while you know that we love to go bicycling on summer weekends in Kittattinny Valley State Park. We have not been there since last fall due to my broken foot. But I now got the o.k. from my PT to go bicycling as long as 1) I do not ride standing up and 2) I do not fall. Well, yeah, the latter is pretty much always on my agenda.

But first David had to be a real workaholic around the house. Washing Tuffy (our truck), doing laundry (I’m still having an issue with carrying stuff and climbing stairs up and down), swapping out the water filter and – I don’t know – something else. By about 1 pm we changed into bicycling clothes, packed our stuff and drove the 30 minutes or so to Kittattinny. On the way we ‘enjoyed’ rain and cloudy weather, but we were determined. We did not care. It was fairly warm , so what if we got a little wet. Little did we know.


By the time we got to Kittattinny it had stopped raining and while we were there the sun made its appearance and stayed until it set for the night. It was a beautiful afternoon. I did not do the whole round, because I did not want to risk it. 1) falling on the off-road tracks and 2) steep hills would mean pushing hard with my foot, which I am not intent on doing just yet. Here is the hill that I did not even try. It does not look like much, yet it is. But apart from that, I did it! I was on the road for just over an hour, most of the time together with David, but sometimes he took off to burn some stress and calories. Which is good.


And how did we finish the bicycling tour? With a visit to our ice cream parlor to get a cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone for me and a malted peanut butter fudge something or rather milkshake for David.

Good times!

Sunday started early for me as I got up at 7 am. I know, weird. But honestly, I do like my very quiet weekend mornings. I actually missed them for a while. But it almost seems I’m back. And this Sunday morning was pretty special, because I can sort of walk with a camera, it was warm, 66 °F / 19 °C aaaaand foggy, o.k. humid 90 %, which is not that nice, however, it made for gorgeous dew drops on flowers, leaves and petals. And you know how much I love those and now, that I can finally walk outside again I took photos. And I am going to pester you with some of these photos – see below – with little to no editing. And that is my contribution to 2. Kathy’s suggestion for Song-ography: “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” from Roger & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma

Leslie’s prompt today is a little more challenging: It is her birthday tomorrow, so she wants us to surprise her with something! Well, I honestly haven’t come up with anything super special, but I know that she loves purple. So, I hope that she loves my photos of the lilac. Happy Birthday, Leslie!

Please click any of the images to view them larger. You will like it.

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16 thoughts on “Dew Drops on Flowers”

  1. How lovely! The bike ride sounded fun and the pic of the area is very interesting! The flower pics are outstanding, especially the white one which is my fave! Glad you are getting out and about!!

  2. How hard was it to NOT ride your bike standing up? 😉 What a beautiful place to ride! So glad you’re so much on the mend that you get to ride again – I bet you’re going to be doing a happy dance sooner rather than later. 😉

    Absolutely beautiful representations of purple – and what a great idea for a surprise for Leslie! 🙂

    • Easy, Stacy, very easy, I actually never do, because as a MTB it has got so many extra easy gears 😉 Cannot wait for the happy dance, maybe next weekend when hubby gets back from his biz trip.

  3. oh I love them!!!! Yay – lilacs are one of my most favourite!! And this is perfect because my own trees have not quite bloomed yet — and yep you guessed it: they are purple! 🙂

    So happy you got your bike ride in. that place is just beautiful. I’d love to be on my bike and have my new Go Pro Cam on my helmet and film all that lovely scenery.

    • Phew – made it. Glad you like them, Leslie. You’ve got a GoPro? The newer one that syncs with your iPhone? We still have one of the first models that doesn’t. David uses it for his windsurfing videos. You will get some fun videos with that.

  4. Glad to see that you are recovering well from your injury! I’m sure it will help make your weekends more productive. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography!

  5. Happy Birthday Leslie, indeed! These are just that gorgeous. I’d love to see your process at the dew drops.
    And same with that gorgeous park shot. I remember that park! I used to go there with an older boy I liked.

    • Thanks a lot, Tamara. We love that park and have been there a lot since we moved here. Lots of people are there on weekends enjoying the beautiful scenery away from traffic and crowds.
      That park photo of the pond was shot with my iPhone and an HDR app actually. Then I processed it in LR (could have done that in the phone, but I was home, so…) to bring out the shadows and colors of the red flowers on the rock a bit more.
      The dew drop photos – there was really no special processing. Shot with my macro lens, imported into LR, standard processing (the macro lens hardly needs sharpening), then into PS to add and off-center vignette for that slight Chiaroscuro look and that was it.


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