Fantasy WW

#34 / 2015 – Fantasy Instagram Wordless Wednesday

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15 thoughts on “Fantasy WW”

  1. Oh Claudia, how fun!!! The first one had me laughing so hard. Kinda like taking a trip, lolol!! The second made me think of the term “manna from heaven” but with a side of grunge.

    Great work!!

  2. that first one is so incredible. you know how you lay on your back and look at the sky, up at the clouds? this is the opposite, laying on a cloud and looking down onto the earth…. and seeing a magical land almost. wonderful!
    the second is a bit harder to figure out – but it makes me think of Pennies From Heaven for some reason. I like the abstract feel.

  3. The first one definitely gives me the magical land feel. I think of Alice in Wonderland – which is a favorite around here.
    The second one is cool and calm and exciting, all at the same time.


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