Fireworks July 4 | Whippany-Hanover Twp.

A couple of days early our town was having their annual celebration of the American Independence Day, with fireworks July 4, yesterday evening. After watching last year’s fireworks from home (you can find the post incl. pictures here) we decided that this year we would watch it up close. I looked up the date and time on the internet and, joined by our friends and neighbors, Barbara and Paul, we headed towards the Whippany Park High School at 8.30, with the fireworks scheduled to start around 9.15.

Had I know what to expect, I think I would have gone a little earlier to take more and better photos, in daylight. There was such a hustle and bustle, cars parking everywhere, streets blocked off by police, firetrucks standing by – I have not seen anything like this here in our little town yet. So many people came to the event. All loaded with chairs, blankets to sit on, food, drinks – just like us, although there were also a couple of food/drink stands on site.

Once we got to the athletic field, we made our way through the crowd towards the anticipated fireworks launching site. Soon we found our spot, unpacked our goodies and enjoyed a wonderful, warm summer evening. All around us children were playing, teenager were – well, you know what teenagers do – and the adults were sitting or standing in groups, chatting and generally having a good time.

The township had also built a stage on the athletic field and a band was playing good ol’ rock for the entertainment of all ages. Unfortunately, since I was so un-organized I did not get the band’s name If you know it, leave me a note and I will update this post.

The fireworks July 4 started on time under big ‘uuhs’ and ‘oohs’ and cheering of the assembled crowd and ended in a grand finale around 10 pm. By 10.30 the area was mostly empty and we packed up and went home, too.

I had brought my camera, tripod and remote control, so I hope you will enjoy my photos below.  Not all of them are ‘perfect’, but I thought I would share them with you anyhow. I know I have my favorites among them and I am curious – please let me know which ones you like best!

Happy 4th of July, 2012!



10 thoughts on “Fireworks July 4 | Whippany-Hanover Twp.”

  1. Oh, wow! Your photos of the fireworks are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to get those shots and have never been able to. I loved getting to see yours! Makes me so excited to watch my own town’s firework show tomorrow!

    • Try it! As long as you have a camera that you can set to ‘bulb’ or e.g. 3 second shutter speed + a tripod or equivalent you should be fine. Give it a go tomorrow, but do not forget to watch and enjoy the actual fireworks, too 😉

    • Then these days should be very happy days for you since there are fireworks all over the country, right?! I kind of grew out of them, saw too many, but yesterday I really enjoyed it.

  2. What a fantastic share!

    I went to my hometown’s fireworks once & it was such an event. I wish I had gone more often! It was in the high school’s football field & every inch of it was covered with blankets,people, food & drink.

    It was wonderful & so much fun!

    • That sounds exactly like ours yesterday. For me it was my first one – you know, I’m German with an American husband and we only moved here last year – so I did not know what to expect. It was great!

  3. Claudia, as I marveled over your photos, various images came to mind: feathers, crystals, dandylions,ribbon candy, neon lights, palm trees, stardust, chaffs of wheat…..and amidst all the color, there was the moon looking like the star of Bethlehem!! I cannot say which is my favorite; #25? 41? 42? 43? 55? They are all quite magical!!!!

    • Wow – how poetic… I guess you are right, though. Fireworks do resemble all of those… You know, I completely forgot to write about the moon. I was so excited to get all the pictures online – and I thought about it, but then – I just forgot. It truly was quit magical!
      Oh, and nice choices – mine, right now, is actually #49 – I love those golden drops surrounding the ‘palm tree’ like stardust 😉


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