Flower bouquet

“Every day may not be good… but there’s one good thing in every day!” ~ Alice Morse Earle

onegoodthing week #5

This is our #oneGoodThing post, yet, last week was actually not such a good week. Maybe you noticed that I was a little absent, both on my blog and on social media. The reason – me. I didn’t deal so well with somebody’s blog comment. Mind you, not on my blog, but on someone else’s.

This here is now my attempt to write it off my chest, so to speak.

It could well be that I over-reacted. But that’s the thing with emotion, sometimes it is hard or next to impossible to put a lid on it. The thing that bugs me about this whole situation is that I let it come this far. I could have and should have stopped it long ago, after she asked some weird question or complained again about not finding my Saturday linkup post as if it were my fault or a problem with my website. Yet, I answered, in comments on my blog and emails and on her blog. I even changed things on the website – to no avail.

It isn’t the fact that she said good-bye to me in a comment on my blog, stating as the reason that there are too many ads on it for her taste. Well, I thought, o.k. fair enough, if you cannot tolerate two ads then you have to go your way, it is everybody’s right to read or comment on what they like, possibly dislike or leave.

But this is my place and I like it the way it is.

The thing that I am having a problem with is that I saw her comment on another blog mentioning that she would no longer participate on my blog because of the ads, which is fine as I said, but she added to it – wait for it – that ‘she feared that her data would be sold on my blog’.

That is what sent me right into bad-mood-what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here land.

No word about it to me, no email, no nothing. I am now constantly asking myself: How could I have been so wrong? What did I do to cause such a reaction? I simply do not understand it. I don’t. It is gnawing at me (why would she publicly spread false rumors about my blog?).

Though she most likely commented the way she did very innocently, it hit me deeply. With the effect that I am now in my deepest low ever with regards to my interest in blogging. Sigh. For the first time in a very long time, I have actually not posted last Wednesday, did you notice? I have also not answered any of your lovely comments. And I am very sorry about it, because they mean so much to me.

I honestly cannot wait for the end of this week and the start of our vacation to get away.

Of course, the office job is currently also offering its challenges, being financial year end plus the start of importing our product into Canada. David naturally noticed my depressed mood and tried to cheer me up by sending me a bouquet of beautiful flowers to the office on Wednesday. That was definitely a very good thing. One that resulted in a few photo opportunities today, some of which you are seeing below. All iPhone and SOOC, except the vignette.

I am hoping that my writing it off my chest here in my space will help me get over this instance. Sometimes it just is hard. Hard to see the #onegoodthing, all the positive that surrounds you and is constantly in your life.

So, I hope you will bear with me and forgive me if my commenting and answering at the moment is going to be a bit patchy until I am back to my old self, emotionally speaking. I just find it strange how one, probably not even ill meant comment, can have such a deep and negative effect.

Enough of it.

My hubby, these beautiful flowers he sent me and you, my readers, are definitely my #OneGoodThing.

Thank you for reading my rambling thoughts today.

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flower bouquet

flower bouquet

flower bouquet

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6 thoughts on “Flower bouquet”

  1. Oh no. I am sorry to read this. People are so….. Perhaps look at this as a good event in that a negative situation is gone from your life. Honestly, we have enough to worry about without some of the stuff that we roll across. The flowers are gorgeous! I hope that things get back to an even keel and that vakay comes pretty quick!!! Love and hugs.

  2. Who are they!! I need to know Right Now! 🙂
    Good for you getting it off your chest. This is YOUR space, and we come here because we love YOU. I could care less about ads and stuff on the page. I see past all that (if I want) to find the person I want to connect with. I got a comment years ago about my blog being too busy… and at the time I took it as constructive criticism. But then, that person was not rude in any way at all. And now I do have a much simplified blog look – but that’s what I like. And you should be able to have what you like. Don’t feel bad about defending that. We all have a right to express whatever emotions we are feeling in the moment. That’s as much a part of Being Present; as experiencing the joyful moments too. It all passes in moments into something new, and I am sure you will be back to feeling more yourself soon.
    But you’re not allowed to leave – just so you know that. LOL xx

    Awesome flowers David! You did a good thing! Give her a hug for us. 🙂

  3. Love the quote and the photos! As for the person who bothered you don’t even give her enough credit by mentioning her again……she’s not worth it , or your energy…….If you like your blog, and your place, that’s ALL that matters, don’t let anyone bring you down ever on a place so personal and full of love xo

  4. Such pretty flowers. So nice of David to try to cheer you up this way. I can only imagine how you feel. The Internet can be a mean place – innocent or not. So sorry that this happened to you and hope it will only be an isolated instance. I don’t even know what she’s talking about with the ads. Weird if you ask me. And it’s your blog to do with as you please. xoxo

  5. Ya know, I had a similar situation last week with a comment on my blog that I let rub me the wrong way. I hymned and hawed about it all day and then talked to my hubby about it who of course helped bounce ideas off on how to handle it. The comment left on mine wasn’t mean, just proved that the visitor HADN’T actually read the post which I found irritating because had they, they wouldn’t have said what they did. But whatever, I let it go and responded in my best form.

    This is your space and not everyone will like it, that’s on them. Not you. If you are happy with it, that is all that matters. You have followers that love coming here, myself included. Haters are gonna hate. They are always looking to rile someone.

    You can’t leave, because I adore your work and the photos. You are one of my many smiles in the day.

    And hugs to your husband for the beautiful flowers he sent so that you could capture more beauty for us!

  6. Claudia, there is always one bad apple in the whole bunch. This woman’s comments were stupid and insensitive. If this was her fear, then like you said, she should have come to you with her concerns. It appears this woman isn’t very internet savvy because if the truth be told, if you’re on the net then your information (name, email address, etc) is an open target for search engines to harvest, especially those of us who are on social medias. Is she on Facebook? Then boy, oh boy, is that ever a hot bed for getting not only one’s personal info shared over and over with other outside sources, but that person’s friends info. We do not live in a bubble, lady, who ever you are. You owe an apology to my dear friend, lady! Shake this madness off, Claudia! This is your little niche in Blogosphere. Keep things as you want. Most everyone else gets what you’re doing and know that you are just like the rest of us. I’ve been to sites where pop ups flag me left and right for ads, email enrollment, etc. It can be annoying, especially if I’m in a hurry. BUT, chances are good that my visits are infrequent, so no harm done. However, if I visited someone’s site over and over with the same interference in my visits, then I might gentle ask the blog host to consider handling these things a different because I know I’d want to know this if my site became a pain in the neck. Anywho, I’m so, so, so sorry! Cyberspace has caused people in general to be a bit more rude. Hiding behind a computer screen makes it easier for some individuals to act ugly against others. Again, shake it off. Don’t allow this person’s words to have power over you no more!! To finish things off on a positive note, I love your photos like always! The close ups of the orchid (that’s what this is, right? I’m horrible with flower types.) are excellent! The first one almost looks like a painting and the B&W image (last one) makes me think of a drawing ~ very creative! Well, vacation time will be here soon for ya and I hope you have a wonderful time. Hugs & kisses to you, my friend!


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