I got sidetracked going shopping today. And I am very glad that I did this detour πŸ™‚ The ice on the water is melting and is making for some nice fog.
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2 thoughts on “Fog”

  1. so dreamy. that’s what we had here too, but I was too sick to grab the camera and go outside for some pictures.
    I have a really nice shot of Peggy’s Cove years ago, just as the fog rolled over the fishing boats and lobster traps. It’s one my favourite photos, but its long before digital cameras. I’ll have to find a place to scan it.

    • Oh my – you are still sick? It has been dragging on, huh?! Fog over the ocean – wow – that must have been a great sight. When you find and scan that photo be sure to share it and notify me, o.k.?


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