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T GIF (almost)! This week it is a special edition of my social blog hop Friday. I am thrilled, because I am featured co-hostess of Jay’s Follow Who? Social Weekend.


Follow Who?  Social Weekend HopSWHop15…Yes… Number 15 here we go. Thank you, thank you again and again for your continue support.  Keep spreading the word so that we can all make some new friends.
This week joining us a our Co-Hostess is Claudia from ImagesByCW.  Here is what she has to say:

“Photographer and traveler all my life, I moved to New Jersey in 2011. I lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the USA, but traveled to a lot more. On my blog I am sharing my photography, my experiences & tips, recipes and what ever else comes to mind. I only started blogging more seriously in 2012, and it has been fun! I met a lot of great people and look forward to meeting more – YOU!” Please give her a big welcome and make her feel at home.

Remember to come every week to link, follow, be followed, and like as you like :). #SWHOP.


“Let’s get Social”


Blog Hop

We love to like and follow back. Link up, like & follow, leave a comment below with direct links FB & twitter, we will stop by.Let’s get the Party started by spreading the Word, the more people know about it, the better for you, for me and for all. Please tweet about this Hop.

Follow Who? Social Weekend Hop

Rules for this Hop

Please highlight the code & press Ctrl + C to copy. You are not able to right click on my blog.

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  1. Follow and like your Hostess and Co-hostess.
  2. Grab our Follow Who? Social Weekend Hop button and place it somewhere in you site, or link back to us in your own way. It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Visit, follow, like, it’s Social Weekend… Like from PERSONAL PAGE ONLY leave a comment that you come from the “Follow who? Hop” or from “Crafty Spices” and be sure to include your Fanpage link so all can follow back. Please follow back
  4. Link only in the appropriate category Blog, Facebook Fanpage, etc.
  5. Make new Friends… Hop, hop, link, like and follow back.
Link your Blog Here:
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Link your Facebook Fanpage Here:
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Follow Who?

Link your Pinterest page Here:
Follow? is it a pin?

We can all count on each other to keep growing if we do it together.Let’s see how the “Follow Who? Hop” does this week.

Thank you for joining.


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