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A little while back I signed up for google+ as another means, apart from Facebook, twitter etc. and this blog, to stay connected with, well, with you. Google+ launched almost exactly one year ago in June 2011 and it is google’s version of Facebook, a social networking app. Different, but the idea is similar i.e. you can post status updates, photos, videos and comment and share on other people’s posts. One thing it separates from Facebook is the google+ ‘hang-out’. This is Google’s fancy word for an online video conference. So, if you are connected to the internet, have a google+ account, a microphone and a camera (optional) you can start or join a hang-out and talk online with friends, family, followers or who knows who. Of course, you can also, have a chat like you do on Facebook.

To be honest I have not really delved into it too deep, yet, because I have focused on other venues. But with the recent changes on Facebook e.g. only 15 % of your followers will actually see your posts, as opposed to the 100 % that would like to see them, I thought I will give google+ some more time from now on.

And the first step was to create a business page for ImagesByCW. Since it is a google product it almost goes without saying that a presence on google+ as a business will be very beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) for your stand alone website, to which you will be linking to. Therefore, in the near future you will find all current updates and projects (short version!) that I am working on right there, on google+.

If you have already signed up, I would love for you to find and add me to your circle, so I can do the same. Here is the link to my page, which you can also find in the sidebar button. Thank you for following and sharing this.


Whippany, NJ, United States

5 thoughts on “Google+ business page”

  1. Since I am only one person, I just can’t do another social media. It’s already a struggle to keep up with tweeting, liking & blogging! This is why you need a team of people to help out 🙂

    • I hear you, Corrinne! There are so many different sites, reaching different people that you really have to choose carefully. Because otherwise you spend all your time online and not creating. But facebook with their new ‘pay-for-more-views’ kind of pushed me to try google+.

  2. Hello!
    We found you on the etsy blogging team 🙂
    We’re debating g+ at the moment too, but we feel like keeping on top of twitter, blogger and etsy is taking enough time as it is! Maybe soon… Good luck 🙂

  3. @Vivid Please! : Hey Vivid, glad you found me, and hope you’ll be back! 😉
    Yeah, I really do not want to do another social site, but as I said, with the recent facebook changes I thought I should give it a go. We will see how it will work out.


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