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coffeechatAre you good at Small Talk? Awkward Silences? What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist? This is what Leslie from Time out for Mom wants to know today.

Small talk, well, like with a lot of things I am kind of middle of the road. I can do small talk, sometimes I even enjoy it, but a lot of times I just dread it. It just seems like such a waste of time. Just spill out what you want to say and get it over with. Or don’t, but don’t doddle around talking about the weather when you really want to let me know that I should really *insert whatever it is*. Sigh – but that is not how society works and I can understand that. So, I usually play nice, too, and talk small along. For a little while Or I even start it, so it does not even come to a potentially awkward silence.

Kittatinny in summerWhat do I say? Oh, I don’t know… how about how great it is that finally spring is here. Have you seen all the wonderful blossoms and that yellow green on the trees? Wonderful, isn’t it? After such a long winter. Another photographer I meet? Lenses, cameras, editing and locations always make for conversation (starters). Endless possibilities. Cars, gardens, sports, oh, and – of course – wait, I am a woman at times 😉 clothes, shoes and purses are great topics, too. Sometimes it is also great to just listen to somebody else talking.

Small Talk is good to take a first step in getting to know someone better or to start a deeper conversation or discussion about something and exploring the territory. But the kind of pleasantries you hear on the phone from ‘customer service’ or rather call center staff – I hate it. Yes, they are pleasantries and the staff is nice, but it is as if they are brainwashed. Hello? You cannot hang up the phone, without either being rude or hearing a whole sermon about how happy they were that I called and complained and asking if there is anything else they can help me with. No, let me hang up! Thanks. But, even then I stay nice, I do. Though you really don’t want to hear the words that are forming in my head in that situation.

Anyways, last time during our coffee chat I told you that I took a long, long video with my Google Glass while being bike riding. I finally cut it. Or should I say chopped it? We rode our bikes for 1:07 h as you can see below and originally all videos together were over 20 minutes, which I cut down to 6. Sorry, still a little long, but – hey, you have got the fast forward button, right? I also spared you the part of the cinder rail trail, because it is really,really boring to watch. Fun to ride relaxed, but boring (not that the rest is much more exciting, but filmed with Google Glass!). I have also increased the speed in a couple of spots, as I am sure you will notice, but you get the picture. It is not really mountain biking, but it is also not sports biking – Endomondo, which I am using to track my workouts, has those two categories, I guess it is somewhere in between.

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10 thoughts on “Google Glass Bike Riding”

  1. I keep telling my hubby we need to get bikes!! I think it’s so cool you have google glass. You always inspire me to combine the things you really love. I think it really adds to your artwork gives it a personal touch! Since I don’t have a bike yet I might grab my umbrella and go for a walk to little rainy today but that might be pretty;)

    • Thank you so much, Jessie! And I would absolutely second to get bikes. It really is a lot of fun to be out and about. You would not believe how many photos I have taken when we are bicycle riding. I came to an understanding with hubby to have certain spots and times when I stop and then we meet again. It can work out beautifully.
      I cannot wait to see your rainy photos. I love me some wonderful raindrops!

    • Maybe, Judy, but sometimes I also think it scares people away. Photos? Are they going to be online? What will I look like? And things like that, but generally, yes, it is definitely usable as a conversation opener.

  2. What a beautiful spot to ride bikes! I haven’t been on my real bicycle in years, but I do cycle every day for 2-hours covering 20-miles in the livingroom. lol I keep my intensity level at 7 (out of 10) for most of that time, too. It gives me a good workout, but it would be so wonderful to be outdoors in the fresh air enjoying the lovely weather like you. Great job!

    I think you and I would hit it off well, if we were to meet. Of course, I will admit those first few minutes whether it’s over the phone or face-to-face I do feel a little awkward, but I think I get over it quickly. Maybe, someday we’ll have the opportunity to have chat. 😀

    • Cathy, if you do have a bike why don’t you go outside? It is beautiful. And in a park like the one we go to, it would also not be a problem to go by yourself. I certainly would.
      It would be fun to meet one day, right? Yeah, those first few minutes can easily be a little… awkward, but we’d get over it. Maybe one day – you’ll just never know 🙂

  3. Small talk to me is the 2 minute exchange of pleasantries that is meant to a/ greet, b/general observance, c/make the other person comfortable, and d/find some kind of common ground to which you can expand upon the conversation.
    If you have an awkward silence before the 2 minutes is up: danger! LOL

    Okay – that Google Glass thing is so cool. It felt like I was ON the bike ride. The hills actually gave my tummy a little dip – which is awesome! And that’s a beautiful trail. We have one like that here, but no bikes are allowed on it. I haven’t taken the bike trail one yet – maybe this summer! Now… how do I get a Google Glass?! Last time I checked, they weren’t available to be tested in Canada yet. 🙁

    • You hit the nail on it’s head – that is small talk!
      Oh really, no bikes allowed there? Hm, I actually read of some parks where there are no bikes allowed here either. But there are still a few. And this one is really nice, because you can take it really relaxed, the cinder rail trail I didn’t show, or like we did, a little bit of everything, or you can go way more extreme and really off in the woods. Which I really wish I could do… maybe, one day.
      I really have got no idea if Google Glass is available in Canada. I know that they made it much easier now to get one. I even saw ads on the internet. However, the price is still as steep 🙁


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