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One week vacation is really not enough to relax and recharge, is it? It is not bad and even a long weekend away can do wonders. However, this time, I have to say that I am having a hard time telling everyone what a ‘great vacation I had’. I am fully aware that I should be grateful for all the things I have, rather than thinking about how this vacation should have played out. But somehow I am hung up on the fact that this was a wasted week. There – it’s out. That’s what I am feeling and I am not trying to hide it, even if I could as easily as masking a pimple with Photoshop. While I truly am happy and lucky to be able to spend this kind of vacation with David at a wonderful place like Bonaire in the Caribbean, admit it, we all go on vacation with certain expectations. Almost always these are not met 100 %. But who cares?! Most of them are. Or at least the majority and then it doesn’t matter if some others that you wished for did not happen. Plus on the other hand sometimes something great happened you didn’t even expect – good stuff!



So why am I slightly feeling like drowning in depressing self-pity? You all already know that we didn’t have the wind we expected to go windsurfing (if you don’t and are curious check out this post). Very unlucky considering that it has been months of wind until now and starting next week the wind will pick up again. But that is nature – no use being angry about it and since our favorite sport is dependent on wind, we are used to dealing with it. You are also aware of the fact that due to David’s misfortune we could not enjoy the beautiful Bonaire waters the way we had planned to. Fully intentional I am saying ‘we‘. Because even though I did get in a couple of hours of windsurfing and one snorkel trip, both of which I did enjoy, it wasn’t even half the fun, it would have been together with David. I know he wanted me to and pushed me to enjoy myself, even if he could not. And I tried. But do you realize how hard it is to have fun, being aware that your loved one cannot, while being only a stone’s throw away from you? I mean, I have no problem going on a trip by myself, if e.g. David has to work or is on a business trip himself. Then I’ll explore and enjoy, no big deal. But this case is different. We went on vacation. We wanted to have fun and relax. And we tried, but we failed…


20130420-017After a long night/day of travel we got home yesterday. We already noticed from the airplane that New Jersey finally had started to get greener, in just a week. And while we drove home from the airport we noticed spring blossoms in many colors everywhere. Very beautiful – unlike the sneezing that came along with it soon after we got here. Did I even mention that all that waiting around in un-climatized, semi-climatized and over-climatized waiting rooms and offices in the hospital gave me a cold? Oh well, just one more thing that went wrong last week. Now that I have written it off my chest, I am already slightly smiling. Isn’t there a thing called therapeutic writing? Actually while on Bonaire taking photos felt very soothing to me and kind of ‘being in tune’ if that makes any sense to you.

ocean, wave, splash

Which brings me to the conclusion of our latest Bonaire vacation. Both of us succeeded in one thing each. Mine was obviously taking photos. I took lots of powerful ocean wave shots. Taking in the beautiful colors of the Caribbean and also my first underwater shots with the Nikon P7000. Now I am looking forward to editing the best and sharing them with you in future posts. Here is a couple already.

And David, despite his currently being handicapped by only having his left hand, being right-handed, to type, started the final editing of one of his short stories. He intends to publish it very soon. Yeah!! Interested in a sneak peek? He may let me do the cover photo and I will see if I can get him to give away some free copies to my blog readers. That would be something new on here. How would you like that?

ocean, wave, splash

If you stayed with me up to this point, Iย  really want to thank you for letting me share my ramblings and for reading them. While this has not been the best of weeks, I know that both of us will soon be our former and renewed selves again. Thank you. And now I’m off to learn how to tie a tie ๐Ÿ˜‰

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8 thoughts on “Home from Bonaire”

  1. I am reminded of my first trip to NOLA. It was with a close friend. The bad news was the trip was almost ruined by her inability to relax and enjoy. The good news was that the next time I went I went alone and have done so since.! So you are right that sometimes good comes from the bad.

    Its wonderful that you have a place you and David can go and relax. I am glad that you let off some steam here and your pictures are gorgeous. I love the waves! Very vivid colors!

    And now I am curious to see David’s story….


    • Yeah, I know what you’re talking about, Debbi – it sucks when a trip gets ruined like that. Ours was more of a constant up and down during the whole week, so it was not a total loss, but… Well, in any case, this was my 2nd time ever, so I am counting myself blessed that it hasn’t happened more often. Positively moving forward again ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Oh, and stay tuned for updates on David’s story – I’m working on it – ahem – him…

  2. The waves are beautiful! you definitely captured how powerful and angry they can be I can truly imagine the sound splashing through those rocks in a effervescence catarsis …healing and relaxing … Can’t wait to see the underwater pics. I bet you will be amazed of the great material you’ve got an even though it wasn’t the fun you were expecting this will give you a lot to remember from a different perspective : )
    P.S … waiting for David’s sneak peek too!

    • Thanks, Dani! I am glad you perceive my wave pictures exactly the way I do, too. I must say I am rather pleased how they turned out. The underwater ones will most likely not be as spectacular, but we’ll see next weekend. Maybe I’ll also have an update on David’s story.

  3. these are beautiful pictures! sorry to hear that the trip didn’t meet 100% of your expectations… I can definitely relate there. hope you had a good rest nonetheless!


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